Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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How are we all going? The sun is shining, gigs are popping up every day and most importantly, we’re getting a new Law & Order spinoff! Nah but seriously, as far as things go, we’re doing pretty alright now, all things considered! Yet, making it even better is the overflow of killer tracks being dropped by our local artists, each and every week. Forged in the fire of lockdowns, isolations and Tiger King marathons, they’re dripping with heart and soul, and luckily for us, we’re backed up till kingdom come with the new tunes.

Speaking of which, we’ve got another five tunes by local artists we’re bumping on repeat, ranging from rock to hip hop and everything in between. It’s definitely a solid batch, and we’re spoiled for choice.

Check it below.

Highline – ‘Staying Sane’

Sydney-band Highline bare their cruisy souls on ‘Staying Sane,’ drawing on past relationships for an intimate portrayal of heartbreak thats equal parts melancholic and optimistic. Backed by addictively-nostalgic guitars and some clattery drums, frontman Sam Rigney marries the unbridled fire of youth with the cool rush of maturation, emanating a tenor tone that just reeks of honesty. It’s a gorgeous love letter to those tricky situations we find ourselves in post-relationships, caught in a tug of war between the feelings you have for your former love and the duty you have to look after your own self. Yet, despite the frustration that tends to result from those situations, the up-and-comers make you yearn to be back there, making you crave those rare moments that pain the heart at the time, but let you know you’re truly alive. Check it below.

Moody Beach – ‘Why Not’

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Moody Beach oozes raw soul on ‘Why Not,’ sweeping us up in waves of smoky desire that are ever so intoxicating. Existing in a rare dimension between analogue and electro, the boundary-breaker breathes punchy vocals that are filled to the brim with grit, all atop an engulfing daze of retro synths, plucky bass lines and pounding drums. Singing about unfulfilled longing and it’s ability to overwhelm your mind, the Sydneysider captures that deliciously-dangerous craving that, at its core, is totally primal and involuntary, but still ever so addictive. A tune that’ll be lingering around your mind for days on end, we can’t recommend it enough. Lose yourself to her world below.

Kieran Braddish, Shirt – ‘Fireworks’

Central Coast producer Kieran Braddish busts out the big guns on ‘Fireworks,’ crafting a glittery soundscape that’s constantly shifting and changing. A masterclass in glitchy minimalism, the tune shimmers with an obvious production prowess, with juxtaposed claps and hats tuned just to the perfect degree with various other bits of electronic ornamentation. But it has the meaning to match, with New York rapper Shirt’s lyrical genius in the accompanying verses (as well as the title itself) painting a vividly-transportive image of the sirens, screaming and overall mayhem that took place across the world in 2020, and which continues to take place today.

The tune packs a hell of a punch, the two maestros going all the way in on what’s on their minds and hearts. A true sonic gem in every sense of the word, we can’t recommend it enough. Find out why we’re vibing them so hard below.

Polish Club – ‘Stop For A Minute’

Polish Club tackle the ridiculous nature of celebrity and then some on ‘Stop For A Minute,’ forcing us all to take stock of the straight up insane shit we let artists get away with when we enjoy their creations. Although the subject matter is by no means light, the Sydney-duo engage in the catchiest of explorations, crafting a steady guitar-driven instrumental with some piercing vocals that are imbued with that classic Aussie flare, the type that just roars with smoky attitude.

The tune sees singer Novak really air his grievances with the celebrity paradigm, with lyrics like ‘A big cut in the world says men is God/ Tell me why it’s on’ cutting through all the bullshit and laying the facts right in front of you. A tune that challenges you to check yourself in the funnest and catchiest way possible, we definitely recommend you get on it now. Check it below.

Children Collide – ‘Trampoline’

Melbourne rock-trio Children Collide paint a swirling sonic canvas of connection on ‘Trampoline,’ taking inspiration from those loves that hook you with their magical auras, but inevitably fuck you over into Mars with cosmic heartbreak. Bouncing between everything from late Beatles to early Smashing Pumpkins (with some Sabbath seasoning thrown in for good measure), the indie-darlings rope you in with a gentle guitar line, with lead singer Johnny Mackay emanating raw vocals that make for some badass melodic narration. Much like the song’s trampoline-inspiration, the tune is constantly blasting you off and bringing you back down to Earth with subtle verses and bombastic choruses, keep you on your toes in the best way possible. The track as a whole is like a sonic game of cat and mouse, one that draws us ever so deeper into the trio’s world. Check it below.

Words by Amar Gera February 22, 2021
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