Watch: Justin Bieber Reduced To Tears While Picking Up His New Floating Rolls-Royce
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Honestly fair enough…

Justin Bieber is without a doubt living the dream. From having a killer pop career to boasting a bank account that would take most of us a million lifetimes to match, it truly seems he has it all. Naturally, when one has money like that, they tend to spend it on some exuberant things. Clothes, art, properties, gadgets and tonnes more, there are endless ways to splurge when you have the cash. However, the Biebs is a man of extreme taste, and thus has copped the most badass thing possible with his funds: Of course, we’re referring to his Floating Rolls-Royce.

The new Wraith is a fully drivable, custom car that is a cross between the 2018 iteration of the car and the Rolls-Royce 103EX Concept. But it’s got a hell of a futuristic spin on it, so much so that it’s made to look like it literally rides on the air.

The whip was first sighted earlier this month, with West Coast Customs (Justin’s go-to shop for his coups) confirming that it was their work. If you’re wondering how they managed to pull it off, they actually released a YouTube video on the whole process, explaining that it took three whole years to build after Bieber wasn’t able to cop the original 103EX Concept. Thus, he commissioned them to build him the next best thing.

His reaction to picking up the whip is honestly priceless, falling to the floor as he bursts into tears. He also marvelled at the “smooth” wheel covers, the overall design and the kick-ass sound system that turns the car into a full studio on wheels (just imagine that bass!).

Pretty wholesome, check out his full reaction below.


February 22, 2021
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