Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Burning baby!
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For the love of god can someone PLEASE call the fire department…

Happy Wednesday party people! How are we all going lovely day? It’s definitely not scorching nor freezing, but nonetheless, it gives you the perfect opportunity to stack on the layers and chuck on those headphones for a hub of warmth and good tunes. And we’ve got a pretty sick collection for you today, all of which will get you ready for your Wednesday mornings.

So chuck on the layers, beats and whatever else you need to enhance your listening experience; and dig the fuck in.

Check it below.

Japanese Wallpaper – ‘Leave A Light On’

Melbourne maestro Japanese Wallpaper is keeping up that air of positivity and sweetness with his latest groove ‘Leave A Light On,’ crafting a wholesome indie slowburn that subtlety but undoubtedly rocks your spirit. Linking up with some A-List collaborators in Alex Lahey and Demi Louise, along with Death Cab For Cutie producer Chris Walla, the sonic curator sets a tone of tenderness and light, setting aflame an acoustic candle with gentle guitar streams that manage to feel both soothing and energising.

Vocally he’s crooning some heartfelt lyrics with a laid back delivery, holding his own against the lush instrumentation whilst still allowing it to carry the listener like a wave of invigoration. It just goes to show old mate’s ability to make you feel a vast array of emotions and moods while still feeling totally at ease; a talent only enhanced by his live performances. Check it below

Kesmar – ‘Back Up’

Sydney-based producer Kesmar is a wave of chill and zen on ‘Back Up,’ the multi-instrumentalist wonder painting a vibrant collage of instrumentation that listens like an explosion of greens and yellows. The tune kicks off with a steady, almost reggae-like vibe, the wavy guitars and steady beats transporting you to a California pier with not a worry in the world; free from all burdens and distractions as you lose yourself to the sun.

The verse sees him dial it back a couple notches with a bare synth line and drum beat, crafting a gentle, matinee-type mood that makes you feel like you need a martini in your right hand (and an extra dry one in your left). Then that chorus slides in, picking up the reggae groove of the intro as the fluro synths and zesty guitars rivet us into euphoria. The inclusion of the sax just totally seals the deal as well, bring a nu-soul-swing to the sonics that contrasts just splendidly with the vibrant grooves.

Definitely a tune that’ll inject you with some calm, joy and a bunch of other moods for your Wednesday mornings, it’s essentially mandatory listening. Check it below.

Anieszka – ‘True’

Mauritian-born soul-starlet Anieszka is bathing in essence in her latest sonic spell ‘True,’ setting a vibe of airy-elixir as she whizzes around you with a Syd X Kaytranada-like flare. The tune sees her sing atop some mellow synths and sonic tapestries with those signature breathy vocals, making it all seem totally effortless as she oozes soulful tones about authenticity and connection.

Another all-female production with Chelsea Warner on beat duties (LOVE to see it), the pair step things up a bit tempo wise from their last collaboration ‘Presence,’ driving kicks spurring the Sydney vocalist along with a sense of urgency and heart. But she doesn’t compromise on message or spirit, each word and lyric creating a safe space for the listener as she urges us that ‘There’s space for you to be true.’

A track that’ll make you feel seen and heard whilst helping you get your dance on, we’re prescribing a couple repeat listens for some proper self-care. Check it below.

Gia Vorne – ‘Liquor Lie’

Sydney-based queen Gia Vorne’s debut solo single ‘Liquor Lie’ is every bit as rich and exquisite as we all expected, the vocalist supreme giving all of the heart of last year’s ‘Only U’ while dropping waves of sultry sweetness. The tune sees her vocalising atop a sensual R&B beat that brews with exhilarating reds and blacks, the synth-droplets bubbling and shifting with an intoxicating aura.

That hook sees her flex her seemingly boundless vocal control, getting up in that addictive head voice with lyrics like ‘Got me inside out,’ with each utterance of ‘Out’ only increasing in resonance and entrancement. It’s quintessential R&B that any old-school or new wave fan is gonna be able to connect to with total ease; a spell that’s an auditory embodiment of red velvet in all of its euphoria. Fall under her spell below.

ASHWARYA – ‘To The Night’ ft. Vic Mensa

Melbourne innovator ASHWARYA crafts a mysterious and vivid world in ‘To The Night,’ the Indian-born singer-songwriter manifesting a brooding soundscape that invites you into its depths. Beginning with the dynamic vocals that have defined past singles like ‘PYSCHO HOLE’ and ‘[email protected],’ the sonic songstress wastes no time in helping us turn up, dropping attitude-heavy bars upon clattery drums in the verses and pre chorus.

The hook sees her explode in a fit of hip hop and soul, the ‘BIRIYANI’ singer riding the expansive production with total control. Her use of autotune is pretty bloody perfect as well, using just the right amount of it to enhance her melodic utterances while not in any way overshadowing it. And Vic’s verse is straight fire (no surprises here), rapping with one of his many flows as he echoes ASHWARYA’s sentiments of overcoming adversity and trumphing over obstacles.

A tune that would be the ultimate soundtrack for the next Black Panther movie (@Marvel where you at), we back it hard. Check it below.

Words by Amar Gera May 26, 2021
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