Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Words by Amar Gera September 3, 2021

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Well, we’re backed up until kingdom come with the amount of tracks local artists are releasing. No joke, each and every day they’re putting more melody and light out into the world, all to help us get by each day while giving us a taste of their musical fingerprint. And it’s more on display than ever this week.

And so, we won’t waste any time. Five five tracks by local artists, coming right up. Check it below.

Milan Ring – ‘Hide With You’

Sydney/Eora bringer of everything good and pure Milan Ring heals you in every way possible in ‘Hide With You,’ the multi-instrumentalist butterfly soothing you deep and far with her mastery of melody, harmony and feeling.

The track follows the ‘Say To Me’ singer as she undertakes her most daring and ambitious task yet; alternating from rhythmic revelation to melodic breeze and everything in between. Consequently, the verses are characterised by her prowess in the hip hop realm before she immerses herself in lush waves of vocal and harmony; each of which rising with this inevitable momentum as she communicates her desire to hide and be safe with the listener. And if you’ve been lucky enough to see it live, you’d know it’s a total religious experience in every sense of the word; each utterance and vocal acrobatic listening like a heavenly prayer as she brings you on her search for freedom and realisation.

We’re all feeling a bit hurt and disenfranchised right now, but man, if there was every a hug or spiritual reset in song form, it’d be ‘Hide With You.’ Do yourself a favour and let yourself be taken into her comforting embrace.

CD – ‘Catcha Grip’ Ft. PANIA

Melbourne/Naarm singer-songwriter CD oozes sensual honey in her latest bop ‘Catcha Grip’ ft. PANIA, the ‘Mr. M.I.A.’ singer mesmerising and entrancing with troves of sultry sweetness.

The tender sonic spell witnesses CD dig deep on the notions of body image, urging her fellow womxn to embrace and love themselves for all that they are. The track is super tender and ethereal in its execution, CD’s tender vocals layered atop gentle guitar lines, synths and claps that are pitched and tuned to the most satisfying degree; all of which coming to beautiful fruition in lines like ‘I just wanna love my body.” Her tone and it’s uniqueness really shine here as well, tempered with distinct elegance and sensuality that PANIA mirrors in her own verse; the two queens joining together for an incantation that’s totally ethereal and spellbinding.

It’s utterly soulful and charged with empowerment; and no matter where you’re at in life, you’ll be begging for way more than just a grip after the first listen. Get a taste for your new obsession. 

Sammi Constantine – ‘The Show’

Sammi Constantine puts on a larger than life spectacle in her latest single ‘The Show,’ the Sydney/ Eora-based starlet overwhelming you with a fully formed vision second to none.

The new offering sees the singer-songwriter extraordinaire backed by buzzing synths and gentle kicks, her polished vocals perched upon them with resonant magnetism. Each section showcases her comfortability with a different aspect of the pop soundscape, the verses brimming with soulful vocals before she engages in the stankiest breakdown in the  pre-chorus breakdown. All of the energy together in the hook, lyrics like ‘Didn’t you hear my cries’ exploding with harmonic elixir and her overall mastery of the pop-genre. Special shoutout to that self-directed music video too, the Bladerunner-like sequences and colour palette showcasing her talents not only as a director but overall creative force.

Needless to say, you should definitely dive head-first into Sammi Constantine’s ‘The Show’ and the cinematic universe she’s created in all of its lush nirvana, and keep your eyes peeled as she’s got plenty more gems on the way.

Wastemall – ‘Glaciers’ Ft. Jude York

Brisbane/Meanjin producer Wastemall is bursting with enough fire to melt even the larger of glaciers in his summer-tinged-house bop of the same name, the ‘Lights Out’ curator using his prowess in the sonic sphere with a lush impressionist vigour.

The track sees Wastemall team up with vocalist Jude York as they explore the inevitable emotional comedown following summers of passion. Naturally, his vocals are tinged with swells of emotion, reverberating off Wastemall’s soundscape in a wishing well of feeling. The sounds of the song as a whole listens like its drawn from a summer sample pack, each kick, clap, synth and bass note tempered with this refreshing breeze that listens just like a poolside party.

It’ll be a while until we’re back at those summer parties, but Wastemall and Jude York are starting the most off-chops pre drinks, and we’ve gotten you a cheeky plus one. Get a headstart on the inevitable post-COVID celebrations with ‘Glaciers.’

Nicole Issa – ‘Home’

Sydney/Eora newcomer Nicole Issa goes forth with lovely balladry in her debut single ‘Home,’ the singer-songwriter storming out the gates with an emotionally tender bop that reminds you of the power of home and belonging.

The track sees the young vocal powerhouse lay herself bare to the fear of being alone and the omnipresence of such a feeling a relationship. Naturally, her vocals are flooded with emotion, resolute in execution as she puts her needs above her desires in her quest to self realisation. It’s really nicely shown in the pre-chorus and hook, her measured vocals and the accompanying piano-rolls venturing together hand-in-hand as her tone shines in all of its lush honesty. A personal favourite is the final vocal at 3:24, Nicole’s power as a storyteller at it’s strongest as she utterly outlines her acknowledgement of her need to move on along with the ensuing pain that results from such an action.

It just goes to show how hard our young artists are grinding to create and give all of themselves to their art. Check out ‘Home’ and get a dose of pride to put a spring in your step this Friday arvo. 

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