Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Loving it.
Words by Amar Gera February 3, 2021

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So much talent…

Okay, it’s actually getting ridiculous how many of these tracks we have. We’ve got Homegrown Fires sorted for literally weeks to come, countless local artists dropping amazing offerings that resonate and inspire like only local releases can. It’s honestly difficult keeping up with it all, but alas, it’s a struggle we’re more than happy to take on. Thus, in that spirit, we’re back with another five tracks by local artists today, all pushing the bounds and innovating with a lush creativity that’s impossible to fake or replicate. If you’re looking for some fire additions to your playlist, then you best keep reading. We got you.

Check it below.

Anso – ‘Diaspora’

Sydney R&B starlet Anso crafts a deliciously glitchy world in ‘Diaspora,’ exploring notions of cultural confusion and incongruence with the most hard hitting of tonalities. Utilisng plucky synths and trap-inspired production, the inner west talent brings a raw intensity that haunts you into the night, further supported by a vocal manipulation and understanding that hits you slow and steady, but harder than you can believe. She really captures this clashing world of tradition and value, with lyrics like ‘Too different to go back’ juxtaposed with the various vocal inflections and staccato-esque drums to embody notions of duality and isolation, notions and themes that are impossible not to empathise with. It’s a stunning tune from an artist with a distinct, totally unique voice, one that doesn’t bend to pre-conceived notions or expectations. Definitely check her out below.

Manu Crooks – ‘Don’t Cross The Line’ Ft. Hooligan Hefs

Okay, this might sound super over the top, but you’re about to witness one of the most bomb hip hop collabs to come out of Australia in recent memory. You might think I’m being super excessive, but Manu Crooks and Hooligan Hefs are a killer combination in every sense of the word, and they’re tearing shit all the way up with their latest tune ‘Don’t Cross The Line’. Crafting a mellow guitar line that’s beautifully plucked and arppeggiaed, the two OGs dig deep to bring the heat as they rap about heartbreak, betrayal and all the pain that results. From Manu’s soft vocals and bouncy verse to Hooligan Hefs’ hard hitting bars, the pair showcase the skill and proficiency that we’ve come to expect from them, but still lighting us up with a tenderness thats warm, cathartic, and just totally intoxicating. Definitely check them out.

Ahadizz – ‘Sexual Chocolate’

Perth-based lyrical wizard Ahadizz is making big moves with ‘Sexual Chocolate,’ concocting a spacey track and visual glowing with the most sensual of allure. Song-wise the MC revels in his supreme diction and flow, capturing the steeze of artists like 2pac and AJ Tracey as he goes from slow and controlled to fast and frenzied, showcasing his dynamic range as a lyrical weapon and hustler. Visually he’s just as sharp, curating a video that finds comfort in the darkness to create a properly jarring experience. It’s a visual and song that disjoints you in the best kind of way, and just goes to show that the Perth OG is capable of creating works of thrilling intensity. Definitely check it out.

iiiCONIC – ‘Buzz’

Get ready to glide and thrash in the most renegade of styles, as Brisbane rapper iiiCONIC is taking no prisoners on his latest single ‘Buzz’. Starting with an anxiety-inducing piano line that throws it back to the days of Makaveli and 7 Day Theory, the Ghana-born MC goes super hard from the jump. He adopts elements of drill and 90s hip hop ever so tastefully, curating a crisp backdrop for his reminiscent bars as he explores his experiences in Brisbane’s night life, his connection to street culture and everything in between. The video is fucking sick as well, filled to the brim with mesmerising images of the night, motorcycles and even cops as iiiCONIC gives a totally real and unfiltered look into his life. It’s a portrayal injected with enough realism to purify even the fakest of phonies, and you best get on it now. Check it below.

Rich Valentine – ‘The Hunger Games’

Perth hip hop collective Rich Valentine continue to innovate and push the bounds with ‘The Hunger Games,’ challenging the conventions of genre to bless us with a totally unique heater that plays by its own rules. Revolving around the DIY-inspired bar ‘I did a lot on my own,’ the tune bumbles and tumbles with a playfulness right up there with Knxwledge himself, invigorating you with an edginess that feels totally punk rock and protest-like. It traps you in this claustrophobic and forceful soundscape that’s honestly hard AF, the nine-piece affirming their self belief and creative fire in the world of rhythm and rhyme. A world that they love so dearly. A world they continue to electrify and challenge with each and every release.


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