Homegrown Fire: Six Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Words by Amar Gera May 6, 2022

Too much heat to keep up with…

Well, we’ve reached the end of another week, and quite frankly we’re struggling to keep up with the tunes being served up by local talent every week. And this week we’ve got a solid bunch waiting for you. Rock, R&B, heavy metal and dance, it’s a total mixed bag, and it’d be an absolute crime not to share them with you. Check it below.

Lambi (Brisbane/Meanjin) – ‘Numb’

Jazz enchantress Lambi glides on in with plenty of poise and grace in ‘Numb’, the producer/movement specialist crafting a laid-back gem that puts you at ease both physically and mentally.

The slow-burn makes use of gentle keys and a steady beat reminiscent of the lo-fi soundcsape, curating the perfect sonic backdrop for those entrancing vocals. It definitively strikes a cool balance between new-age R&B put forth by the likes of Kali Uchis and Summer Walker while harkening back to the jazz greats like Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald.

It’s a bit of easy listening that’ll no doubt help you get in your feels. Happy indulging:

Faun Haus (Naarm/Melbourne) – ‘Sweet Little Thing’

Naarm punk outfit Faun Haus are brooding and dangerous in their latest single ‘Sweet Little Thing’, revelling in the archaic nature of the local punk scene and it’s transformative powers.

The track sees the lead singers fiery vocals sing atop a melancholic soundscape, dark guitars and drum patterns backing him in what’s a sardonic social commentary on everyday life. It’s almost as if he’s engaging in a call and response with the instrumentation, one that totally captivates you for the full four-and-a-half minute runtime.

Definitely something to challenge your listening palette. We back it hard:

Charbel (Wollongong/Woolungah) – ‘Wavy’

Soul incarnate Charnel crafts an interplanetary bop in his latest creation ‘Waxy’, the Boomchild vocalist proving that whether it be as part of a collective or as a solo artist, he stands just as tall.

The tune sees him make use of his melodic and rhythmic prowess, alternating between singing and rapping as he outlines the loss of control that results from giving too much power to your ego. The hook makes use of some lush harmonies that add an extra layer of catchiness to the track, along with some levity that’s further enhanced by the video game-inspired visualiser.

A laid-back groove that’ll start your Friday right. Happy listening:

Mouse (Meanjin/Brisbane) – ‘Puck’

Meanjin band Mouse craft a protest anthem that demands you to take notice in their latest single ‘Puck’, the rock outfit continuing to come through with the punchy rawness that’s won them so much praise so early on.

The tune opens with a lone vocal and guitar line preluding the social commentary within its four minutes, touching on drugs and the other various societal traps todays youth are served up. The onslaught of guitars and effects quickly make their way in however, colliding against the vocals in what’s a avalanche of rebelliousness.

It’s definitely got the spirit of punk with the heart to match. We back it hard:

Fettucine (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Sun Before Sundown’

Eora duo Fettucino hit you with a bit of existential pondering in their latest single ‘Sun Before Sundown’, meshing the worlds of dance and bedroom pop for a songbird that takes total flight.

The tune makes use of Sarah’s resolute vocals that are imbued with equal measures of resonance and emotion, singing atop a gentle house beat with ethereal keys and harmonies in the distant background. The track works as both a ballad and movement-starter, hence why we’re bumping it on repeat.

Going on a sunset drive with all the time in the world? ‘Sun Before Sundown’ is a must for your road trip playlist. Thank us later:

Speed (Sydney/Eora) – ‘We See U’

Eora heavy metal outfit Speed unleash the leviathan within on their latest single ‘We See U’, the four piece drawing on the archaic and fast paced for a heater that knows no limits.

The track sees the group double down on their hardcore roots, ravenous screams and pounding instrumentation assaulting the listener with equal measures of ferocity and concentration. A highlight is no doubt, well, the whole thing is a highlight, a journey into the depths of feeling sand emotion that leaves you reeling in its wake.

Feeling a little reckless, dangerous and keen to find some new music? Speed more than have you covered:

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