Interview: Crooked Colours Chat Returning To The Brightside In Brissy For Smirnoff Origins TONIGHT!
Back to where it all began!
March 9, 2023

Brissy, let’s goo!

Get ready for a night of music and entertainment as Smirnoff Origins returns for its second event featuring the talented dance duo Crooked Colours. Following the success of the first event with The Presets at Club 77, Smirnoff is continuing its mission to promote emerging artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent. The event will take place tonight, March 9th, at Brisbane’s The Brightside, the earliest stomping ground of Crooked Colours.

We spoke with the band about their big return. Check it out below and head here for tickets!

Tell us about your experience with The Brightside and how the venue impacted the band.

It was one of our very first shows in Brisbane, and also one of our first forays outside of WA. These experiences were so vital to us, knowing we had an audience outside of our friend group. Like this new crowd has no reason to pretend to enjoy our music, it’s these experiences that make you feel like you’re doing something.

What’s a memory of performing there?

It was us and Safia. Both in the early years of our inception and I remember the light show was crazy. At this point, we had probably never had a light package and we were blown away. All the footage we saw was a disgusting amount of strobe and smoke. You couldn’t see a single person on stage, and we loved it! I remember feeling like a rockstar for the first time.

Why did you decide to take part in Smirnoff Origins?

Smirnoff Origins is super important as it’s shining a light on venues that play a huge role in the music industry in helping emerging artists to find fans, hone their skills, and get their big break. We credit where we are today to venues like The Brightside that supported us in those early days, so now we want to pay it forward and invite a new artist to share the stage.

What are the challenges you are noticing about the live music industry post Covid?

We’re definitely seeing a lot more enthusiasm for live music now things are more stable in the industry, however rising costs are still making it difficult to tour efficiently. There also seems to be a covid hangover, people have been wary of shows being postponed and so they are holding out until the last second to make sure events go ahead. The trust is slowly starting to build again.

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