Interview: Froomes On Working With Flume & G Flip To Create Her Corporate Jingle Banger
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Have you heard Froomes’ new track?

… is definitely a sentence I wouldn’t have imagined saying. Ever. But, lo and behold the comedian, Froomesworld CEO, livestream dater and champion of the poop stool can now add musician to her swelling list of talents. And, like many celebrities before her that have made the bold step into the music industry (think Shaq, Paris Hilton, Russell Crowe), she’s leveraged her popularity to work with some of the best in the biz – chart-topping EDM icon Flume and Aussie industry darling G Flip.

That’s right, Hottest 100 winner Flume was enlisted to create the track’s euphoric beat, with G Flip lending her silky vocals to the tune’s addictive outro. Their contributions are impressive, but the real meat and potatoes of the bouncey bop lie in Froomes’ verse which essentially outlines everything that followers/employees of Froomesworld can expect to encounter in her feed, delivered with a deft (or deaf?) touch.

Is this the first of many tracks? Is Froomes ready to hang up the hosting microphone in favour of a remarkably similar vocal microphone? Is the dawn of a new age in Australian music? We hit Froomes with some of the many questions raised by this breathtaking track. Check it out below and head here to follow Froomes and join us in the boardroom of Froomesworld:

Firstly, congrats on the Warney billboard. Has the spider caught herself any flies (particularly any botoxed-up middle-aged ones)?

No flies as of yet. I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s chosen me as a future wife, and is therefore giving me the silent treatment as a test of my patience. I would make a wonderful spouse.

As far as corporate jingles goes, your track is way up there. What motivated you to write this? Why did Froomesworld need a tune?

I was motivated to create a company jingle because I could see a gap in the market. When in regional Australia, my favourite thing to do is watch the ads on WIN. There are some belter ditties for car yards and plumbers. I thought it was time we brought some red dirt realness to corporate Australia.


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What line from the track are you most proud of?

My favourite verse is the one about poo. Of taking a bowel movement, I sing:

There’s nothing wrong with it, it feels good, matters of the butthole are misunderstood.

This is a philosophy I live by. There is undue secrecy around the act. It’s a shame we can’t talk openly about the ecstasy of a clean snap.

The air horn is used a tasteful amount of times on the track. What is it that attracted you to this instrument?

Humans have a visceral reaction to horns. They are both shocking and exciting. The airhorns were necessary to take the track up a notch, to appeal to the emotional, animal side of listeners.

The video features your newly shaved head. Which of these three musicians has the most powerful shaved head, in your opinion and why? Britney, Sinead O’Connor or Drake?

Women with shaved heads are often seen as emotionally unstable. And I wanted to change that perception. I am clearly very sane. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to, as I sing, “fly a spaceship right into Uranus”?

Your outfit in the clip is the perfect blend of sophistication (shirt + tie) and cool (fedora). Where do you get your fashion inspo from?

I find inspiration everywhere, but mostly within. I would describe the way I style my tailored shirt as both a fresh and modern approach. Everyone talks about the French Tuck – and to them I raise the What The Fuck.

I can’t really put a finger on why it works. It just does.


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Tell us how you got Flume and G Flip on board? How are they as collaborators? Any bust-ups during tense studio sessions?

I met both Flume and G-Flip on a cruise liner on the French riviera. I was onboard performing as a soloist in a wind orchestra. After receiving a standing ovation for my matinee performance, they both approached me at the bar and offered me photographs of their feet. I politely declined and instead proposed we create a song. For the people.

Between them they have racked up billions of streams, played some of the world’s biggest festivals and earned accolades and admiration from the wider music industry. Did they seem nervous to be working with you?

Of course they did. But I made them feel at home. It’s important, when working with new artists, to include them in the process. Teaching Flume how to use Ableton was a real highlight.

Can we expect to hear more music from you? Or was this a once off? Or was this something you say is going to be a once off and then do again later?

It’s not a once-off. Far from it. I’m actually a little offended you asked that.

What else is coming up for you in 2021?

I will be releasing an album and winning my first ever ARIA Award. Thankfully, my background in business means I’m well prepared to hobnob with the studio bigwigs at various afterparties. And toilet cubicles are my natural habitat…


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Words by Harry Webber January 18, 2021
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