Kanye West Claims “God’s Gonna Bring Kimye Back Together” In Recent Speech
(Pete Davidson has entered the chat).
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After a string of especially transparent public appearances, the ever controversial Kanye West has made a prediction concerning his ex-wife Kim Kardashian…

And he’s not mincing words either, the ‘Donda’ rapper proclaiming that he and his former partner will soon be getting back together, and that their reunion will inspire “millions” (eat your heart out Romeo & Juliet).

The prediction came during a speech at the L.A. Mission this past Wednesday where he dropped off 1,000 meals for skid row. Speaking to the packed abode, it seems Kanye was down to take some responsibility, admitting that he’s done things in public that were “not acceptable as a husband.”

But, and here comes the bar that inspired this article, Kanye then goes on to say that “when the kingdom, when God, brings Kimye together, there are gonna be millions of families that will be influenced to see that they can overcome separation.”

Pretty ambitious of old mate, especially as Kim seems to have moved on with SNL funny guy and the King of Staten Island himself Pete Davidson. But nonetheless, if any couple can make a comeback, it’s Kimye (mostly just because of how hilarious their couple nickname is). Anyway, feast your eyes on Kanye’s full rant/sermon/prediction/stream of consciousness below.

Words by Amar Gera November 25, 2021
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