Mac The Knife Share Ferocious New Single ‘Curb My Bite’
About to blow ya haircut off.
Words by Harry Webber September 8, 2023

Mac The Knife’s ‘Curb My Bite’ has is just out of the oven this morning ahead of a run of East Coast shows kicking off tomorrow night in Naarm / Melbourne.

It’s hard to imagine Mac The Knife’s newest single not being a crowd favourite at their upcoming live shows. It’s got all of those key ingredients for a raucous punk sing-along; thumping rhythms, a hooky chorus, a sprinkle of guitar wailing, some delicious half-time breaks and raw power from the mouth of frontman Bryn Chapman Parish.

Lyrically, the tune is all about navigating a convo with someone who’s talking garbage, like that climate-denying uncle or friend of a friend who believes Powerade is health food, or in Bryn’s case, a housemate’s opinionated boyfriend.

“I wrote it a few years ago, whilst dealing with a housemate’s partner, who would come over each night and just wax lyrical about all sorts of ridiculous topics and opinions that I didn’t necessarily agree with,” he says. “This song is about me learning to speak my mind, and figuring out that disagreeing with someone is ok, the world isn’t going to end if you exchange a few heated words.”

We’ve been rinsing it non-stop in the LWA office since the early hours of this morning, and it’s become evident that Mac The Knife is collectively our new favourite band. So fuck, not much else we can say other than listen to the track, you gooses (geese? geeses?). Jesus:

Over the past five years, Mac The Knife have lit up stages around the country and the ‘Curb My Bite’ tour should be no different. It kicks off on Saturday night at the Tote in Melbourne (tickets here) before hitting Terrigal (13th) and Canberra (14th), and finally The Lady Hampshire on the 16th (tickets here). Don’t sleep on tickets, and check out the poster below for more details:

Listen to ‘Curb My Bite’ on Spotify here.

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