Overmono’s Mammoth Manchester Boiler Room Has Finally Been Released
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November 22, 2023

Image by Michael C Hunter //

What I would’ve given to be there…

It’s been a whirlwind few years for UK dance duo Overmono, the acclaimed act garnering millions of fans for their unique brand of breaks and house across the globe. Not to mention, they’ve been responsible for some critically-acclaimed live sets in recent times, with their hybridised stage set up and production helping to bring singles like ‘So U Kno’, ‘Freedom 2’, and ‘Is U’ to life with massive energy and rigour.

So, you can imagine how explosive it was when the pair took to Manchester’s Warehouse Project for Boiler Room earlier this year. And for a while, all we could do was imagine, with fleeting memories and Instagram stories all that remained of the supposedly “legendary” live set. Now, however, we can relive it in all of its glory, with the full performance being released online.

Of course, it’s a total journey over its one hour runtime, and combines hard-hitting tracks with intricate experimentation and euphoria. Check it out in full below (and thank us later).

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