Photo Diary: ANGE Takes Us Through Her Lockdown Single ‘Whatever U Tell Me’
Resourceful AF.
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Lockdown is definitely a tough time for anyone. The starving of new experiences can dry the wells of inspiration and creativity that help push culture forward. Consequently, the past 18 months have forced such artists to look inward, to find that stream of invigoration within themselves and bring it out into the world. It’s been a big change to say the least, but our local artists are resilient, and one of those such artists is Sydney-based singer-songwriter ANGE, whose new single ‘Whatever U Tell Me’ is out now.

The silky slow-burn sees the Spanish starlet continue to hone in on her sensual R&B sound, sultry vocals fluttering atop moody synths and keys. She also treats us to a bit of lesson in the Spanish language on the new track, interweaving her utterances with English as she alternates between her two homes and identities. Staying true to form, the accompanying sonics are completely self-produced, finding precise synchronicity with her vocals as she communicates her desire to soothe her significant others’ sensitivities.

We’ve been digging the track pretty hard, so we checked in with ANGE to get the drop on how her lockdown single came together, everything from her DIY home photo studio to her bedroom recording studio. Check it below.

More than 200 hours of home studio sessions and ginger tea.

My flatmates dog, Eve, the antidote to my lockdown blues

BTS shooting the cover for ‘Whatever U Tell Me’ in the backyard at home.

Weekend BBQ dreams with my flatmates

Converting my room into a photography studio

Sunset views from my bedroom

Park break and vitamin D recharge

ANGE’s new single ‘Whatever U Tell Me’ is out now. You can buy/stream it here. Be sure to keep up with her on Instagram to stay up to date on all of her latest projects. 


Words by Amar Gera September 30, 2021
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