Premiere: Anieszka’s ‘Presence’ Is The Beautiful Dream You Won’t Want To Wake Up From
Lose yourself to her grace.
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Nothing like some old school rhythm and blues…

Right here… Right now. Right here is where you rid yourself of all hurt that plagues your being, and right now is where you’re reminded of the beauty of being alive. Sounds pretty transformative right? Well, Sydney’s Anieszka and her powers of sonic healing know no bounds, and her new track ‘Presence’ is the otherworldly spell that’s capable of the most wonderful of spiritual resets.

Slowing it down a couple notches from last year’s ‘Energy’ with Dat Gruvee, the Sydney soul-starlett revels in fluttery keys, sensual guitar licks and the most old school of drums, all of which hold you close and tight. The beat as a whole (curated by Chelsea Warner) just flows like a luminescent sonic flower, unfurling and unravelling almost as if in response to the lyrical hummer’s utterances. The precision with which the various layers are crafted is just perfect as well, meshed well enough to curate a unified, cohesive sonic experience, but still fluid and free, enabling the listener to project their own emotions and find their own unique way through the tune (with Anieszka’s light helping to illuminate their path of course).

And those lyrical blessings. She serenades you with a softness that the word ‘angelic’ just doesn’t do justice to, vocalising with a totally cathartic tone that eases and soothes the spirit. Singing about those fleeting moments that help you make sense of the world, she unearths all bullshit and distractions that plague everyday life, forcing you to take stock of what truly matters and simply be present in the now. The hook of the tune really shines with all of the above, the songstress breathing the magical ‘Right here, Right now’ that glues you to the spot, with the following ‘Lose fear, Lose doubt’ washing over you like a wave of cleansing euphoria. It really does feel like she’s just trying to heal us through the track, her tone imbued with this overflow of care that reaches further and deeper than the holiest of hymns.

Opening up on the tune, Anieska gets deep on what she wants for her listeners, explaining “For me, ‘Presence’ is that moment when everything aligns, when you feel at peace within and without. It’s a feeling I think we experience at various times in our life, and that we ultimately want to experience more of. I hope it can serve as a calming force, an uplifting anthem, a grounding reminder during those times. We all deserve to feel peace, I wish this for every listener.”

She finds the beauty in every crack and crevice, taking you by the hand as you venture forth into a dream-like world defined by a wealth of support and understanding. A tune that’s filled the type of healing we need an abundance of in 2021, we can’t recommend it, and the artist behind it enough. Start your journey to being present by following her on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all of her latest projects.


Words by Amar Gera February 18, 2021
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