Premiere: Bodie Deals Out A Heavy Dose Of Soulful Coolness On ‘No Good’
Soooo good.
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Once again, the Novocastrian impresses.

If you’ve been following LWA over the past couple of years, you’ll know that we’re massive fans of funky bluesman Bodie. Since the release of his debut self-titled record he’s treated us to a string of singles including the stripped-back ‘Patterns’ and the bouncy ‘Mask’ that have transported us far away from the humdrum of office life and into a velvety dreamland where heartbreak and deep desire morph into delightful serenades.

Today the Newcastle multi-instrumentalist returns with ‘No Good’, a tune that sees him take a more playful approach musically, incorporating a bunch of cheeky drops and an addictive saxophone line that is bound to be swimming around in your head all week. The track features some of Newy’s finest musos: Brennan Fell (Bass), Adam Miller (Electric Guitar solo), James Hodgett (Keyboard/Trombone), Mitch Williamson (Saxophone) and Annastasia Lucas (saxophone) with Bodie playing drums, percussion, synthesiser, melodica, acoustic guitar and electric guitar rhythm, on top of vocals.

Lyrically the song centres around the notion of longing. “Sometimes you want things you can’t have. In this case, it’s a girl,” Bodie says. “She isn’t any good for me and I know it, but it’s funny how that makes me want her more. I guess you can apply the same feeling with a lot of things that aren’t necessarily beneficial for you, although you ache for them. I guess this song is a personal reminder for me to not be led by temptation and things in life that are just no good.”

“This track is the only song on the upcoming EP that I’ve let my close friends play parts on, I wrote each part and workshopped a lot of different ideas before letting anyone record. The drum and percussion sound for this song has been the hardest part of the EP, it’s literally taken me three years to complete – but I think it was worth it.” Head here to follow Bodie on IG and stay tuned for that EP!

Words by Harry Webber February 18, 2021
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