Premiere: Greyhound Sway Between Beauty And Chaos On New LP ‘Dennis Exists’
Immerse yourself.
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The time to delve is now.

What are you doing today? Working? Studying? Wandering aimlessly in search of a musical hole to fall into? Well, we can help you out with one of those… Today, we’re chuffed to be sharing the first listen of Dennis Exists, the debut LP from Inner West six-piece Greyhound. A powerful homage to the vastness of Australia and the inhabitants spattered throughout it, the album feels every bit a sonic interpretation of landscape as it does a vessel of songcraft, like the soundtrack to a movie that you make up in your head as you listen. Does that make sense?

If you’ve caught Greyhound live in the sweaty bandrooms of Sydney, you’ll know that their music is meant to be consumed loud. Unrelenting guitars, pounding drums and walls of feedback all coalesce over the course of their sets, leaving audiences reeling from sonic whiplash. That doesn’t quite sound like a compliment but it is – there aren’t many acts that leave an impression on you Greyhound and Dennis Exists is no different.

Album opener ‘Sunna’ (yes, the track titles are reminiscent of those on Slint’s Tweez) launches us into a doomy world of percussive madness with guitar tones that would make Sleep blush, before we are hit with the psychy sounds of ‘Mani’ which transforms from dreamy bliss into overdriven nightmare masterfully. Within two tracks the mood of the record is carefully laid out and ready to be expanded upon.

Album standout (maybe it’s the use of vocals, maybe it’s Maybelline) ‘Riverbend’ features a poem by Oliver Chaseling, read by Matilda Cassey. It’s pretty, mysterious and eerie all at the same time, giving off some big Picnic At Hanging Rock energy as the band prove they are capable of finding a middle ground between euphoric noise and sugary melodies.

Dennis Exists closes with the rippling rhythms of ‘Surfers Paradise’ that flow through piercing peaks and desolate lulls, a hefty reminder of the journey that listeners have just been on. Like the rest of the record, it’s hard not to be thinking about how fucking crazy it will be to experience if live. And you can. Greyhound will be launching Dennis Exists May 9th at Mothership Studios in Marrickville (event here, tix here) with support from Enclave. Don’t be a plum and miss out!

Words by Harry Webber April 29, 2021
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