Q The Music Ep#1: The Beefs Make The First Ever BBQ’d Jam
Presented by Weber Barbecues.
July 9, 2024

Does the Aussie snag have to have tomato sauce? Or BBQ? Or, as some sickos prefer, mustard? Sammy Smith of pub-rock band The Beefs settles it once and for all…

Not only is Sammy a trained chef, but his band are notorious for their tongue-in-cheek rendering of Australiana, which makes them them ideal first guests on our new series Q The Music.

Teaming up with Weber Barbecues and host Boo Seeka AKA Food Seeka, we’re going to be testing out our favourite musicians’ barbecuing skills , and cooking some delicious food.

In honour of The Beefs’ new Grillin’ Jams, Vol. 1, Sammy and Boo answer that tomato sauce vs. BBQ sauce question by throwing in a delicious alternative: the grilled jam. As you can see below, the fruity and sweet number is a hit with the duo:


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We reckon there’s probably no better combo than a sausage sanga with this grilled jam and a beer (of course, you’ll need to be listening to The Beefs as well!), and you will too, if you want to make it using the recipe below:

1 large Spanish onion
4 Roma tomatoes
1 green apple
1 clove of garlic
2 tbsps olive oil
1 tspn all spice powder
Maldon flaked sea salt
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup brown sugar
250ml water
2 good quality thick beef sausages
1 good quality hot dog bun

Method for Grilled Jam

Turn on Weber BBQ to full.

Slice onion, tomato and cored apple in half and extract the cloves from garlic bulb. Place all in a metal bowl and cover with olive oil.

Once you’ve done this, the Weber BBQ should be hot enough.

Using tongs, carefully place onion, garlic and apple on the grill plate. Close lid until smoking and steaming. We want that Smokey flavour through the fruit and veg.

Place beef sausages on the grill until dark brown all around (not black) – the dripping juices and oil will allow the flame to lick through the grill when we turn and flip the ingredients. We want some black marks and char lines.

Set sausages aside when cooked. Once the apple starts to fall apart and onion starts to caramelise, place all ingredients into a medium pot or even pan.

Add all other ingredients salt, allspice, vinegar, sugar, water and bring to boil over a flame until reduced, should take around 15 mins. Allow to cool slightly and blitz with a stick blender. If not desired consistency ie: too thin and watery, reduce further over high heat.

Place the sausage in a gourmet bun and drizzle the Grilled Jam over the top.

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