Shannon & The Clams Release LP Title Track ‘The Moon Is In The Wrong Place’ Produced By Dan Auberach
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Words by Harry Webber January 29, 2024

Image by Jim Herrington //

The indie stalwarts return with their tastiest tune yet.

Shannon & The Clams are one of those if-you-know-you’re-hooked kinda bands. Now six albums and three EPs deep into their career, the group have amassed a global fan base that’s as diverse as the genres they play in. Punk, garage rock, doo-wop and psych collide on their albums with frontwoman Shannon Shaw’s vocals being the consistent driving force throughout, though maybe driving force doesn’t do her justice… maybe she’s more like a meteor shower: powerful, fluorescent and raw all at the same time.

Now they’re back with the title track from their forthcoming LP ‘The Moon Is In The Wrong Place’. It sounds the lovechild the B52s and The Zombies with a little spicy urgency and maybe a handful of mushrooms into the mix. And the accompanying visuals, which were directed by Bobbi Rich, are a colourful collage of vintage sets brought to life with delightful performances from Shaw and her band:

The band have once again looked to the Black Keys’ Dan Auberach and his Nashville studio to produce the new record, having worked with him on 2018’s Onion and 2021’s Year Of The Spider. It will be hitting earholes throughout the galaxy on May 10th via Easy Eye Sound.

“We all felt the urgency of making something that reckoned with this meteor that smashed into our planet,” keyboardist Will Sprott says. “This is the most focused record we’ve ever done, as far as everything coming from a singular traumatic event.”

Head here to pre-order The Moon Is In The Wrong Place and peep the tracklist below:


The Vow
The Hourglass
Big Wheel
Oh So Close, Yet So Far
What You’re Missing
Real Or Magic
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place
So Lucky
Dalí’s Clock
Bean Fields
In The Grass
Golden Brown
Life Is Unfair

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