Songs To Get You By – The Tracks That Got Your Favourite Artists Through The Sh*tstorm Of 2020
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Been a long year…

You’ve probably noticed by now (if not, don’t even make me start), but 2020 has been a bloody shit show and a half. Almost everything that could’ve gone wrong went so sideways that it’s honestly hard to believe all of this wasn’t scripted. But against all odds, we somehow made it to the other side. But we’re forever changed, forever bonded by the collective challenges and hurdles we’ve all faced as a community and as individuals. Yet, if there was one thing that helped a bunch of us through this insane year (it helped me anyway), it was music. Even though our scene was relegated to live streams and the whole industry grinded to a stop, music was there every step of the way, its omnipotence and cosmic powers reaching out to even the loneliest and most aching of souls, holding their hands and soothing them in an attempt to remind them that they weren’t alone, and that there was still light in the world.

Thus, we all had a song or two that helped get us through the heat of it all. A tune that we could come back to time and time again to laugh, cry or just vibe insanely hard to. So, that got us thinking, what were the tunes that got our favourite artists through this year? What were they listening to when times got tough? So we reached out to a bunch of them to find the fuck out, coming through with a kick-ass collection of songs that make for some wholesome AF listening. From Anna Lunoe to Dom Dolla to Eagle Eye Jones and so many more, we’ve gotten a rare peak into your favourite artists, and it’d be an absolute crime to not share it with you all.

Check it below.

Eagle Eye Jones – ‘What Kinda Music’ by Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes

“Holy hell, ‘What Kinda Music’ by Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes is a damn near masterpiece, and the title track is the album’s pinnacle. This was a huge song for us collectively this year and helped us all in many ways. Misch’s songwriting stepped up tremendously from previous efforts and Dayes’ inimitable groove is a huge inspiration in Jason’s ongoing evolution. Not to mention the sublime Thom Yorke-esque falsettos. Funnily enough Jamin bought Luke (our resident record fiend) the vinyl for his birthday. It never came in time. Bewildered but no less heartened he consistently scoured Australia’s record stores and snatched up the last copy at Red Eye Records. It is now a band heirloom and sits proudly upon the mantle. A true hallmark in modern jazz this album stands alone, and is easily one of our favourites from 2020. Plus, the icing on the cake, it was released via Blue Note. It’s encouraging to see the legendary label peddling so much top tier contemporary jazz and keeping the flame alive and raging.”

Harry from Kimono Drag Queens – Julia Jacklin covers The Strokes ‘Someday’ for Like A Version

“It’s a little old but I find myself always coming back to this tune. I think Julia is so soothing to listen to (in this track) and the song is very pretty. Also the nostalgia in the lyrics is a bit of a reminder that bad times eventually pass. Take that 2020.”

Robbie from The Avalanches – ‘All I Wanna Do’ by Beach Boys

“There’s a Beach Boys song from the ’70s called ‘All I Want To Do’, which is just one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. If I’m ever feeling flat or struggling, I’ll put that on in the morning and it just changes my day. It’s like a beautiful little hymn or something.”

Dom Dolla – ‘Walk The Night’ by Skatt Brothers

“This absolute thumper is the tune that got me through 2020, nothing like a bit of 80’s disco-rock fusion to get you through knockoff zoom drinks while working from home.I’ll be bringing this tune with me when afterparty dance floors open up again, that’s for sure.”

Peter Bibby – ‘Ooh La La’ by Run The Jewels

“This song helped me in a few ways. First of all it is so dank and tasty it made me feel very very naughty in the best kind of way just by listening to it. Second of all it filled me with so much energy pretty much every time I played it I had to run at least 10km, which in turn helped me both physically and mentally and distracted me from all the madness in the world this year, as well as filling me with an exhausted euphoria which helped me sleep happily through the anxiety brought on by the madness of the world. Thanks for everything Run The Jewels.”

Anna Lunoe – ‘Kerosene!’ by Yves Tumor feat. Diana Gordon

“This is the only song that I’ve cried to in 2020 in both a happy and sad way. It makes my body scream, feel and wanna fling myself at walls. I don’t know why but it’s honestly comforting knowing that something exists that can move me so deeply. It’s like a hug from a stranger. Hope. Humanity. The video is NUTS and genius and scary and perfect. Enjoy.”

Budjerah – ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke

“I found myself listening to a lot of old-school soul music this year, I think it came from me wanting to go back in time before 2020 when we were kind of alright. I kept coming back to “A Change Is Gonna Come” because I needed reassurance that it won’t be like this forever. I also think the massive push in the BLM movement this year really brought this song into the present and gave a lot more meaning for me.”

Eves Karydas – ‘Thirteen’ by Big Star

“My song is Thirteen by Big Star. There’s an innocence and desperation to this song that reminds me of the way love felt when I was younger. This year it took me to a sweet nostalgic place whenever everything felt drab.”


“My song ‘PSYCHO HOLE’ was written from a different headspace a year and a half before releasing it this year in July, but it became the song that got me through the shitty parts of 2020. Anytime I needed to step back, I’d listen to it and reflect on the fact that I was able to express how I overcame all these obstacles not only in the song but in reality—kind of a full-circle moment.”

 Ryan Caesar from Children Collide – ‘Magnolia’ by JJ Cale

“This song belonged to a relationship that existed as the year started and by the end, very much did not. Clawing it back from the grip of that memory has been a year long task, and re framing it to make it mine once more has been a journey. I, as everyone has, spent a lot of time alone and indoors this year. this sleepy heartbreaker really helps with the mood when staring at walls.”

Mie from Haiku Hands – ‘No Effect’ by Hooligan Hefs

“Every time I listen to this track I think about the first time I heard it and how hyped I got. I haven’t heard anything like it, Uk drill, rap, edm and gabber all mooshed into one, it’s a vibe. It makes me excited and I get energy when I listen to it, especially when I am walking. I am pumped to hear what more music comes out from Western Sydney.”

Polish Club – ‘WAP’ by Cardi B

“In a climate where people seem preoccupied with projecting the panic of ‘these unprecedented times’, it’s so nice to know that people can still get a rise out of morons who think that 99% of pop music isn’t both metaphorically (afternoon delight) and explicitly (my neck, my back, etc) about nasty, hot sex. Just because you’re ashamed and don’t get any doesn’t mean sex shouldn’t be celebrated freely.”

San Cisco – ‘God Is In The House’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

“All through COVID lockdown in WA, my girlfriend Liv and I spent our time in the South West alone on our family bush block in a converted shed. Our friend Mitch, who also plays bass in San Cisco, made a playlist called 1.5 Metres that we had on repeat. Every time this song would come on, we would stop what ever we were doing and slow dance.”

Tesse – ‘Bullet Proof Soul’ by Sade

“Beautifully mournful, the instrumental hits so hard and heavy but when the chorus comes around Queen Sade could lift me out of any stupor, which she did time and time again this year.”

Boy Destroy – ‘Somewhere’ by Surf Mesa ft. Gus Dapperton

“The whole song feels like a journey reaching it’s peak in this understated, heartbreaking crescendo. Describing longing and loss in a truly poetic way it lives in you long after the music gone silent.”

Teenage Joans – ‘Care’ by Beabadoobee

“From its relatable and honest lyrics to its empowering and groovy instrumentals this was a song we had on repeat for months on end. To us, ‘Care’ is a song that always gets you up dancing and belting the lyrics, whether that be in the car or in our bedrooms. In general beabadoobee is a huge inspiration for our music while also influencing our aesthetic.”

Michael from Boo Seeka – ‘Cherry’ by Harry Styles

“A slightly more secular choice (Fuck it, Harry Styles is a God) but being a break-up song, a sad song, a song to pull at the heartstrings, I was immediately drawn to the lyrics. ‘Don’t you call him baby” + “Don’t you call him what you used to call me has so much rawness and power that it’d make any 30 year old guy cry whilst driving to pick up their last few items of clothing from their exes house.Poor Mr Styles had a hard time in love and the best thing about it all is you can relate it to this fucking deadshit of a pandemic, an ex moving on, life not living up to where you expect it or simply have a teary because it’s raining. The power of music, right!?”

Ben from Boo Seeka – ‘Heart Attack’ by Bronson

“I remember the first time this hit my ears. Was like someone just slapped me across the face with a wooden paddle. In so many ways this song meant so many different things. I mean in every way possible it is meant exactly the same as Mr Styles but then I could personally take something else out of it. Maybe it was just the situation and the surroundings I was in the first time listening that made it also feel like a happy song to me. The lyrics to me were saying “I get it”. It was like this song helped me accept what was going on in my life and I could feel the foggy weather in my head clearing up. That’s what is so amazing about music right? In the matter of seconds from a complete stranger singing at me through the radio, it all made sense.”

Sycco – RACECAR by Deaton Chris Anthony (ft. Clairo, Coco & Clair Clair)

“One song that I kept going back to throughout the year was RACECAR by Deaton Chris Anthony (ft. Clairo, Coco & Clair Clair). It’s such a fun journey song and is almost in its own little realm that I feel I could escape into. It definitely kept my attention throughout this wild year because it’s just so entertaining!”

What So Not – ‘What Went Down’ by Foals

“Before COVID hit, I’d already started a break of my own. I wanted to reset & recontextualize. This song ignited something in me & set me on a creative path unlike one i had been on before. It was a full year head between speakers & instruments. No shows, no parties, no socialising. Just gear & noises.”

Motez – ‘Boss Trick’ (Patrice’s Eternal Edit) by Real Lies

“It’s such a beautifully constructed song, it has so much movement and momentum but it still sounds calming, there’s a lot of emotion and vulnerability. I’ve always loved Real Lies’ music and this one really shows how good they are at combining emotion and meaningful poetry.”

Perto – ‘Peroxide’ by Ecco2k

“The song that got me through 2020 is definitely peroxide by Ecco2k! Ecco is easily my fav artist right now and this has been on repeat every day since it dropped about a year ago. Might be the prettiest song ever made <3 production by Gud is so huge, i love him.”


Words by Amar Gera December 18, 2020
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