Stop What You’re Doing And Check The Official Trailer For Peter Jackson’s Beatles Doco ‘Get Back’
“Attracts me like a cauliflower.”
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My gawd this looks good.

Having dropped a teaser late last year, I’ve gotta admit I wasn’t quite sold on Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson’s documentary on The Beatles. The footage looked great and all, but there weren’t really any major hooks that set it apart from every other rockumentary about a band from the era. Now, with the official trailer having just dropped, things have changed…

First up there’s tension; the band has a couple of weeks to record 14 new tracks and prepare for a live show. Then there are the characters; we see Paul the workhorse, George the temperamental artist, John the sarcastic philosopher and Ringo the clownish yes man. And finally we have a setting, the beautifully lit studio and the rooftop on Saville Row. Now, we have a film.

Check the trailer below and stay tuned for November 25th when it drops exclusively on Disney+.

Words by Harry Webber October 14, 2021
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