Take 5 – Wilson’s Prom Share The Tracks Behind Their Debut EP
Out today!
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The debut release from Melbourne’s Merpire and Feelds AKA Wilson’s Prom is out today! Here are some of the tracks that inspired the self-titled EP.

Wavy synths, chorus soaked guitars, sugary melodies – Wilson’s Prom write the kind of music that is made for swaying in all its forms. Whether you’re swaying in the arms of that special someone, swaying solo in your bedroom as mascara drips down your face from those tears of heartbreak, or swaying the kind of way they did at rock and roll concerts in the 50s, you’re definitely having some form of bodily reaction to Wilson’s Prom.

From singles ‘Manifest Protagonist’ and ‘Love Fool’ we got a glimpse of the duo’s combined songwriting prowess. Now, the full Wilson’s Prom concept is laid bare, rounded out by tracks like melancholy opener ‘Welcome To Prom’, delightfully addictive doo-wop ‘Small Disaster’, and ode to detachment ‘Shapeshifter’.

Give Wilson’s Prom a spin above and check out below where the duo talk us through some of the tracks and people that inspired the EP”

Pinegrove – ‘Old Friends’

Probably one of our faves of all time, but besides that, it’s been a big influence on setting a scene for us. The way everything flows around the story helps accentuate the importance and urgency of the lyricism – and somehow – this song immediately takes you into the narrator’s world, and makes you feel it. (Also, Zack from the band played drums on our single ‘Manifest Protagonist’ – what a dream!).


Soccer Mommy – ‘Circle The Drain’

Nostalgia. For an artist born in 1997, it’s amazing that Soccer Mommy has the ability to transport you straight into the early years of that decade. We wanted to achieve this in the way we produced each song on the EP, aiming to capture and create sounds & feelings from different eras.


Santo & Johnny – ‘Sleep Walk’

This is the dreamiest, swooniest song you’ll ever hear. You can just see two lovers in the 50’s having love heart eyes for each other from across the dim-lit prom floor, slowly swaying their way closer. If we could, we would have made this the slow dance at Wilson’s Prom. If you listen real close, there’s a nod to the main slide guitar melody in our song ‘Shapeshifter’.


Kate Davis – ‘Did You Love Somebody’

This is a song from her album ‘Trophy’, where every song is a stand out. The emotional story-telling within Kate’s lyrics, arrangements and production has really inspired us to go deeper into the highs and lows we’ve created for our EP. You can hear her heart break in this song.


Kevin Krauter – ‘Pretty Boy’

This song had us instantly captivated. The guitar tones and drums in the opening intro are right up our alley – lo-fi and beautiful. It sounds real indie. Then his voice comes in and it’s this gentle delivery with soul/rnb elements and every 10 seconds it builds in a tasteful, stunning way that just keeps us coming back again and again. The blend of genres within this song inspired us to do the same for Wilson’s Prom – exploring everything we love about different themes and genres. It made it a really indulged and enjoyable process.


We’ve actually made a playlist that people can follow on Spotify. Hopefully it inspires you to get ready for the Prom with us – crank it in your bedroom while you crimp your hair, or in the backseat of the Valiant as your older sibling drives you and your over-excited friends to the school hall.

Words by Harry Webber November 4, 2020
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