Turtle Skull Fight Head Noise With Doomy Fuzz On ‘Heavy As Hell’
They're back.
Words by Harry Webber February 12, 2024

Turtle Skull return three years after their momentous Monoliths LP.

It been a while between drinks for our favourite fuzz merchants Turtle Skull. The now Northern Rivers-based band have clearly been busy perfecting tones, bashing drum kits and also enlisting new members (keyboardist Ally, we’re looking at you), which has culminated in their new offering ‘Heavy As Hell’.

The tune, when played at the right volume induces slow headbangery that those of us who’ve been listening to Turtle Skull for the past half decade will be all too familiar with. Their trademark duelling vocals soar over a Sabbath-y riff, giving the tune an ethereal feel as the sing about battling inner demons. Oh, and don’t get me started on the guitar solo…

“The lyrics are about the inner monologue and being your worst critic,” explains singer-guitarist Dean McLeod. “I wanted to have a song that attacked the doubt within myself as a part of the artistic process. We actually wrote the lyrics while getting ready for a show in Melbourne – frantically recording voice memos of melodies and phrases while driving. It was kind of ridiculous. But it also had that familiar feeling of ‘oh yep there it is’.”


Turtle Skull are back and touring too, with their debut NZ shows in the mix (dates below)! Follow them on IG here and head here to buy/stream ‘Heavy As Hell’

Upcoming gigs – Tix & deets here

16 Feb, Wainuiomata, New Zealand, Camp A Low Hum Festival

21 Feb, Wellington, New Zealand, Meow

23 Feb, Wainuiomata, New Zealand, Camp A Low Hum Festival

22 March, The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, Australia

23 March, Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney, Australia

6 April, The Evelyn, Melbourne, Australia



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