Video Premiere: LADY KING Celebrates Femininity & Spirit In Dreamy ‘Tease Me’ Visuals
70's daydream.
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Ode to the glamour…

Get yourself poolside with a mojito in hand, and kick the hell back. Let that sun shine down upon you and feel it all as you bid farewell to the any worries that plague your being. And while you’re at it, break out the lappy or iPad, and chuck on the video for Sydney instrumentalist wonder LADY KING’s (real name Lara King) video for ‘Tease Me,’ which, luckily for you, we’re premiering today.

The tune sees LADY KING revel in her nu-soul/ jazz bag, singing atop carefully orchestrated instrumental layers oozing warm caramel that’s equal parts rich and addictive. And her honeycomb vocals are the special sauce that pulls it all together, emanating sultry goodness that sparkles with pure warmth. 

The video, which is the star of today, sees LADY KING celebrate the female form in all of its beautiful diversity and femininity, featuring a cast of her fellow women sunbathing, dancing and just totally feeding off each other’s energy. Directed by Sydney filmmaker Molly Haddon, the visual is injected with sun-kissed tones and hazy visual effects that play like a 70s daydream, bringing California bliss to the Northern Beaches as Lara and her crew indulge in some cocktail-infused self-care.

The visual embodiment of the song’s overall narrative is sublime as well, the vast array of shots getting up close and personal as they capture the intimacy of the track and everything it stands for. Highlights include a radiant bathroom sequence in which LADY KING serenades us through a mirror, the effortless dance routine Lara and her two mates totally go wild to and of course the various shots of the whole squad sunbathing by the pool. A personal favourite however is the ending sequence of LADY KING dancing on a hill with the sun beating down upon her amongst lush greenery, the numerous trumpets and keys coming to a lovely crescendo as she totally loses herself to the spirit of the track and ethereality of her surroundings.

Speaking on the wonder-filled visuals, LADY KING explains “It was important for me to capture my journey of rediscovering love, self acceptance (and of course dancing again), so I called upon some of my women to join me in making up some dance moves and hanging by the poolside for the video clip. It truly felt like a celebration on the day. I finally felt confident enough, after years of struggling with body shaming, to be able to stand in front of a camera in a bikini. It was a liberating feeling and I’m glad I had some supportive women around me”.

Definitely a video oozing natural beauty and splendour, it’s definitely a worthwhile embodiment of the LADY KING ethos, along with her past, present and everything she’s destined for. Let her tease you of what’s to come by checking out the video above, and be sure to stay up to date with her on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all of her latest projects. You can also catch her at Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar on the 2nd July with support from Annalina and Ellen Mara. We’ll see you there. 

Words by Amar Gera June 10, 2021
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