Watch: Amyl & The Sniffers Escape To The Country In Video For ‘Hertz’
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Feeling this very hard in lockdown…

Melbourne/Naarm rock outfit Amyl and the Sniffers are raging against the city and yearning for country reprieve in their new single ‘Hertz,’ the latest offering off their upcoming album Comfort To Me (set for release this Friday) echoing the sentiments of countless souls in lockdown across the nation.

The firestarter continues the high intensity of recent singles ‘Security’ and ‘Guided By Angels,’ roaring guitars revving and spewing all sorts of mayhem to the tempo of clattery drums. Naturally, lead singer Amy Taylor is oozing punk-goddess energy, her vocals walking the line between singing, screaming and narrating as she rebels against the confines of city living in lyrics like ‘I wanna drive in the countryside/ I want the breeze in my hair.’

The visuals for the track are equally as punchy, following Amy in various settings that roar with fiery anger. Highlights include Amy doing pushups in a crucifix of candles, going off at a statuesque city-slicker on a roof and of course the sequence of her and her band going to town in an empty warehouse. Amy’s dancing and running rampant around 1:50 is totally bonkers as well, but in the best kind of way as she reflects that fundamental need to break free of one’s surroundings; a sentiment we’re all too familiar with at the moment.

Speaking on the new tune and video, Amyl front woman Amy Taylor explains “‘Hertz’ is a daydream of wanting to go to the country/bush and see landscapes other than the city.

“It was written in 2019 but it very much sounds like a pandemic song, because it’s a daydream about being repulsed by confinement, and frustrated over being stuck in one place.”

It’s quintessential Amyl and the Sniffers and definitely has us hyped for Comfort To Me’s release this Friday. Check out the full video and bust a move with Amy above.

Words by Amar Gera September 8, 2021
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