Watch: Billie Eilish Finally Gives In & Joins The World On TikTok
History in the making.
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With cooked username…

TikTok has definitely been taking over the music world this past year, established and upcoming artists using the social media platform to connect with their fans as well as just pass the time with. Almost everyone has got one, but now, after months, biggest pop star in the world Billie Eilish has finally joined, and it looks like we’re gonna be getting some hilarious content on the reg.

However, if you simply look up “Billie Eilish” on the service you definitely won’t find her. Rather, her account can be found under the most cooked username “coochiedestroyer5.” Her first post shows her indulging in the classic face-distorter to enlarge her nose, while the second sees her tell us about the time she fit a whole ukulele head in her mouth, before of course attempting the task again (she totally succeeds).

I guess you gotta do what you gotta to pass the time hey? Watch her hilarious first TikTok below.

November 16, 2020
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