Watch: Kymie Radiates Attitude, Confidence and Ambition In ‘Can’t Relate’ Video
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Hitting that sweet spot where r&b, hip hop and pop meet, ‘Can’t Relate’ oozes fierce energy.

In the same realm as her previous single ‘Needs’, ‘Can’t Relate’ is another step forward and a showcase of Kymie’s evolution as an artist. Renowned for soaring vocals, throughout the track Kymie exerts more control over her voice, asserting herself through a stripped back chorus and electing for an auto-tuned bridge where you might expect some of the lung-busting vocal aerobics you can find throughout her back catalogue. Regardless, there’s a self-assured air about the way Kymie tells her story and that confidence translates over into the accompanying music video.

Speaking on the creative inspiration behind the clip, which is directed by Connor O’Connor and produced by Nadia Roosens from The Uncast, Kymie said: “This has been a collaborative project, and from day one both Connor and producer Nadia understood my vision. I wanted the visuals to represent strong female energy, bright colours and fierce frames.This music video is a true representation of me, essentially it’s what my everyday looks like! Once you see this video you’ll understand why they Can’t Relate!”

‘Can’t Relate’ is the first single from Kymie’s forthcoming EP, slated for release in the coming months. Check out the fierce video below and be sure to catch Kymie’s captivating live show if you’re in Brisbane for Big Sound next week:

Words by Declan Whelan August 29, 2019
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