Watch: Police Caught Stopping OneFour From Performing At Tim Tszyu Boxing Match
Words by Amar Gera March 14, 2023

Left image via Instagram / Right image via TikTok //

Video footage of the encounter has since racked up over a million views on TikTok…

The relationship between Mount Druitt rap group OneFour and NSW police has been strained to say the least, the notorious drill outfit being stopped from performing around Sydney numerous times throughout the years under threat of persecution. It ultimately culminated in acts of blatant censorship on behalf of NSW police just last year, with the government body contacting Spotify and other streaming platforms to ban Drill music being played online. Now, however, they’ve been caught in the act while attempting to stop the rap group from performing at a boxing match, with the whole encounter being posted online.

The incident occurred this past Sunday at Qudos Bank Arena, where members of the Western Sydney group were slated to perform their new song ‘Commas’ while fellow Mount Druitt resident Paulo Aokuso walked out against opponent Yunieski Gonzalez. However, the police raptor force quickly stepped in, confronting the group backstage as they said, “You were meant to perform your song, promote it, whatever, for the walkout for your mate that’s fighting – that’s not happening now. So there’s no song, there’s no singing, no dancing, there’s no promotion.”

Upon being asked why the song couldn’t be played live, it quickly becomes clear that the offivrt himself wasn’t 100% sure, simply replying, “Am I going to keep going around in circles?” before telling the group to put their hands against a door while being searched. The whole ordeal is eerily reminiscent of the infamous ‘F The Police’ scene in the autobiographical movie, Straight Outta Compton, however, unlike the 2015 drama, OneFour never even made it to the stage.

The video quickly cuts to black after the search commences, however, OneFour have since spoken out about the incident, posting a statement to their Instagram story explaining, “Today is not about us, it’s about Paulo, Tim and the other fighters here today. But it’s disappointing to constantly be denied the opportunity to uplift our people.”

Police have also addressed the confrontation, stating that, “Police do not tolerate public acts of violence and they also won’t tolerate any behaviour – including music – that clearly incites and provokes retribution and other violent behaviour in NSW.”

An unnecessary run-in to say the least. Check out the full encounter below along with OneFour’s ‘Commas’ above.

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