Watch: Tyler, The Creator Scored A Coca-Cola Ad & Of Course It’s Their Best Ad Yet
So sick!
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Starting a petition for Tyler to score every ad…

Tyler The Creator, ever the musical genius, is continuing to spread his wings as both a composer and a bloody genius. From dropping killer albums to fresh AF clothing and even scoring the Cat In The Hat movie, the ‘Yonkers’ rapper has well and truly proven he can do it all. It’s almost inconceivable to think He could do any more, but lo and behold, old mate has outdone himself yet again, scoring the new Coca-Cola Ad.

Releasing an ad online, the tune features new music from Tyler in a surrealist, almost fantasy-like town. Except, almost everyone in this town seems to have a coke in hand and be a kick-ass dancer, becoming footwork masters immediately after sipping the beverage. It crosses across numerous settings and landscapes, matching the spontaneity of the accompanying tunes.

Speaking of the music however, it’s classic Tyler doing what he does best. The score is equal parts frenzied, controlled, unpredictable and just totally funky, crossing across numerous Tyler albums and sounds as he crafts a properly innovate soundtrack that we won’t be getting tired of any time soon.

And in classic Tyler fashion, he let loose on Twitter to celebrate, revealing that he really did compose the bop top-to-bottom, writing “Thats me playing the flute at the beginning” and “Drums are f*cking hard the low end is shaking.”

He also took the time to thank coca-cole, adding “Mannnn thanks coca cola for reallll big love for the opportunity,” he wrote. “I was like ehh idk but then i f*cking ran with it. commercials need sounds like this, thanksssss.”

Pretty dope, check out the full ad below.

February 22, 2021
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