We Asked What So Not To Rate Iconic Collabs Out Of 10
The collab king hath spoken.
Words by Harry Webber September 20, 2022

Video by Jordan Coles // Images by Mitch Tomlinson

With What So Not enlisting the likes of Oliver Tree, DMA’S, Louis The Child and more on his new album Anomaly, we figured we’d get the Aussie producer’s take on some legendary pairings.

It’s hard to pick a standout song from the latest offering from Sydney-turned-global dance commander What So Not. Over the course of Anomaly’s eleven tracks, he establishes himself as the leader in abstract electronica, building lush soundscapes that explore a third-dimensional sonic realm, while anchoring each tune with searing hooks from some of the most recognisable voices in Australia and beyond. To borrow an old trope, it’s a fully fucking immersive listen.

What So Not’s compositional talent, it could be argued, is matched or even exceeded by his ability in bringing out the best from his collaborators. Shepherding the silky vocals of Lucy Lucy on ‘Bad Piano’ in one hand, while harnessing Oliver Tree’s untamable spitting on ‘Mr Regular’ in the other, is no small feat. And it’s this collaborative prowess that brings us to the video below.

Who better to ask about collabs, than the guys whose album features 10 of them, right? Peep the video below and head here to wrap your ear holes around Anomaly now:

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