Emily Ratajkowski Goes Tastefully Topless For Jacquie Aiche Jewellery Shoot
March 23, 2016

Here’s one surefire way to make sure your jewellery brand stays in the spotlight: Get the goddess Emily Ratajkowski to pose sans clothing for a campaign.

Ratajkowski has just stepped in for accessories brand Jacquie Aiche, going tasetfully topless in a range of images which showcase their new range of jewellery, which oozes with homemade charm, Middle Eastern aesthetic and Native American influences. Meanwhile, Ratajkowski wears white pants, a Bondi hat and basically nothing else – making this a head-turning shoot that’s already stealing headlines across the globe.

See Em Rata in action below shot by Naj Jamai, and check out the full Jacquie Aiche range here:

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