Hurley Unveils Hyperweave & Compression Garments For The Ocean
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Recently on show at the World Surf League championships Down Under, Hurley have taken their garments to the next level with their introduction of Hyperweave and compression technology, making surfing more seamless than ever before.

Introducing the Phantom Hyperweave Boardshort: Taking inspiration from Nike’s ever-popular lightweight Flyknit line, the short uses woven patterning which results in 50% less bulk than your regular shorts, as well as a stretchy fit that allows for maximum movement for the user. The accompanying compression garments – arriving in tops and shorts of various lengths – prevent water absorption and also arrive with a 100+UPF finish. Safety first, people!

You can see the garments in action below in a very Strayan green and gold colourway, as modeled by forever hyped surfers Filipe Toledo and Conner Coffin. You can grab your own pair(s) right here:

CONNER_native_1600 FILIPE_RUNNING_native_1600 Hurley_Hyperweave_Shorts_Final_native_1600 FILIPE_STANDING_native_1600  CONNER_BARREL_native_1600
March 22, 2016
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