Here Is Elle Brittain’s Wonderful Shoot With Emanuele Ferrari
Just great.
October 20, 2015

It’s no secret that we’re a huge fan of Emanuele Ferrari’s work – he was even kind enough to host his own edition of ‘Frames‘ for us a few weeks ago, which lived up to our expectations in every way possible.

Now, he teams up with some local talent in this raw and magnetic shoot with Melbourne model Elle Brittain. Having already stunned on the likes of RUSSH and Oyster Magazine, Brittain flaunts some risque and summer-friendly looks in this shoot for Highsnobiety – featuring Coca-Cola, lighters, apricots and all the good things in life.

Have a look at the shoot below, and find all the pictures over on Emanuele’s blog. Slightly NSFW:

emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-1 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-2 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-4 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-5 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-8 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-10 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-12 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-15 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-18 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-20 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-25 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-26 emanuele-ferrari-elle-brittain-highsnobiety-31
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