Australia’s First Wave Pool Is Coming In 2017
Big things.
April 7, 2016

Sydney is famous for it’s globally-recognised beaches, which might be why Melbourne will be the city of choice for Australia’s first wave pool, coming in hot in 2017.

According to Swellnet, the pool is a project from URBNsurf, the Australian licensees of Wavegarden, who develop technology for man-made wavey goodness. The pool has received the all clear to begin development, with a seven acre location at Airport Drive in Tullamarine, just 20 minutes outside of the Melbourne CBD.

“Wavegarden is the world’s longest man-made wave that creates ideal conditions for surfing… Testing and professional feedback show Wavegarden to be the closest thing to an ocean break,” says Wavegarden. They’re promising an environment that’s suitable for all surfers – from beginners to experts.

As stated by our friends at Stab Magazine, the pool will be arriving towards the end of 2017, and we’re sure that the hype will remain high until opening day. In the meantime, watch the trailer below:

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