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Words by Sophie Hadley //

What’s not to love about heading to the local break, to shoot some incredible surfing, with some awesome gear? We jumped at the chance to shoot rising talent Jamie Krups with some of Canon’s finest cameras and lenses, which we sourced from their revolutionary camera-sharing platform, Kyoyu.

‘Growing up by the coast we have both always had a strong connection with surfing, we have done it our whole lives, our parents were pushing us into waves before we stared primary school. What’s funny is that, despite both of us being photographers we have never actually shot surf. So when we decided to challenge ourselves and give it a go, we were pumped” – Mitch Ross.

From the water, Mitch Ross used the compact Powershot G1 x Mark III with underwater housing, allowing for intense image quality with a range of features such as the biggest sensor ever seen in a Canon compact camera. This enabled us to catch Jamie’s moves with precision as he danced on the water, hell, he was even so generous as to share some spray with Mitch.

Meanwhile on land, hampered by a broken shoulder was Mitch Tomlinson who used the EOS 1DX Mark II with a EF 100-400mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens. As you can see from the incredible action shots of Krups, the camera shoots at 14 frames per second with full AF/AE tracking, meaning that through the lens, we are able to watch Jamie up close and personal whilst staying completely dry.

Overall the day was a complete success in spite of the two-foot swell, and we will definitely be using Kyoyu again and you can too at

Photos by Mitch Ross Filmed by Mitch Tomlinson March 20, 2019
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