Mike Tyson Adresses Video Of Fight With Aeroplane Passenger
"He was fucking with me, man."
Words by Tom Disalvo May 23, 2022

Image via Jeff Scheid// AP // Shutterstock

The status of criminal charges against the boxer has also be revealed…

Mike Tyson has broken his silence on his involvement in an in-flight in April, during which the boxer repeatedly punched another passenger in the face. Video of the incident, which surfaced on TMZ last month, shows the intoxicated passenger harassing Tyson before copping a few jabs to the head. 

Speaking on the latest episode of his Hotboxin’ podcast today, Tyson said the passenger-  later identified as Melvin Townsend – had taken a photo with the boxer before continuously “fucking with [him].” Tyson questioned how people thought he was supposed to react to the harassment, and later admitted that he should have flown private. Listen below.


“What am I going to do on a fucking plane with my friends and [a bodyguard who’s] supposed to watch me? I took pictures with this n***a. I shouldn’t even be taking public planes, my wife gets mad that I take public planes,” Tyson said. 

Earlier this month, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office revealed that charges wouldn’t be pursued against Tyson, citing Townsend’s “conduct…leading up to the incident” as well as his request that no charges be filed as reasons against legal proceedings. In response, Tyson’s lawyers thanked investigators for “their careful, diligent, and professional work.”


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