Presenting The Vans Park Series ‘Road To Malmö’ Zine
Shot by us, with doodles by Shinya Dalby.
November 17, 2016

In 2016, Vans has celebrated many milestones, including a huge half-century of skate and collaborations with everyone from Toy Story to Opening Ceremony. But at 50 years old, Vans is looking as strong and innovative as ever.

Earlier this year, the company established the Vans Park Series: The first international series for park terrain skating, kicking off in our own backyard in Melbourne. From there, the series looked to honour the best in the game with international stops in Florianopolis, Vancouver, Huntington Beach before a grand finale in Malmö, Sweden. We teamed up with Vans to document the international contest, which has now culminated in this digital zine aptly titled ‘Road To Malmö’.

We trekked across the globe to shoot the skaters in action, and now it’s been compiled into this neat 20-page package with additional doodles and drawings from the legendary Shinya Dalby from lowercase. Check out the black-and-white affair below, and bring on 2017:

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