Watch: Chris Paul Opens Up On Tumultuous Relationship With James Harden
August 19, 2020

Fingers crossed they can settle their differences soon…

It’s more than fair to say that Chris Paul’s departure from the Houston Rockets was messy to say the least, his fractured relationship with James Harden seeming to be the main cause behind the breakup. The initial issue between the pair began as a disagreement in playing styles, with Paul wanting Harden to move the ball more as opposed to Harden’s preferring to isolate his defenders to create a shot. The disagreement seeped its way off the court, ending up with Chris Paul demanding a trade in June 2019 due to his less than amicable relationship with Harden. The Rockets ending up trading Paul to the Oklahoma City Thunders, getting Russell Westbrook in exchange.

Speaking on the state of the relationship with TNT’s Chris Haynes, Paul didn’t shy away from the truth, but kept it mad respectful, stating “He’s not going to hit me to tell my daughter Happy Birthday today. We don’t talk, communicate, nothing like that.”

“But that’s all good and well, I wish him the best,” he continued. “Sometimes you have teammates and it’s for that period of time and that’s okay. You can wish each other well going forward. … It doesn’t mean you have to be enemies.”

Pretty dope way of handling the situation, here’s hoping they one day resolve their differences someday soon. Check the clip from the interview below.

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