Watch: Jake Paul Makes A Run For It When Floyd Mayweather & His Crew Confront Him In Miami
March 10, 2023

Can you blame the guy?

Jake Paul found himself in a precarious situation outside the Miami-Dade Arena when he was confronted by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and his entourage.

In the video, Paul can be seen engaging with Mayweather and his crew for a few moments before taking off running. Despite his usual confident attitude in front of the cameras, Paul’s reaction suggests he was not expecting this confrontation. And fuck, can you really blame the guy for high-tailing it? If there’s anyone out there who’s thinking they would have stood their ground against Floyd and co., they’re out of their mind…

The confrontation stems from comments that Paul made to Mayweather, according to TMZ sources. While Paul initially claimed the altercation was related to the infamous hat incident from 2021, it appears that he said something to Mayweather that crossed the line. TMZ reported that Paul made comments about Mayweather’s deceased family member and engaged in other below-the-belt inappropriate behavior.

Following the altercation, Paul took to Instagram to share his side of the story. In a video he posted, he claimed that he was leaving the Miami Heat game when Mayweather and 50 others approached him out of nowhere, waiting for him outside the stadium. Paul stated that Mayweather was still upset about the hat incident, even though it occurred two years prior.

However, Paul’s video did not address the comments he allegedly made to Mayweather, which sources claim were the real reason for the altercation. The incident has sparked speculation about a potential rematch between Paul and Mayweather, following their exhibition match in 2021.

Despite the possibility of a rematch, some boxing fans have criticised Paul’s behavior, particularly his tendency to engage in trash-talking and name-calling on social media.

As the boxing world waits to see what will happen next, it’s clear that the tension between Paul and Mayweather is far from over. Whether or not a rematch occurs, it’s likely that the two will continue to make headlines in the coming months.

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