Watch These Bros Try And Ride A Skateboard Made Out Of Glass
Lord have mercy.
July 14, 2016

2016: The year in skating where Tony Hawk is still doing 900s, every second fashion blogger owns a Thrasher hoodie and some bros try to ride a board made out of glass.

The guys from Braille Skateboarding host a series where they skate things made out of unorthodox materials, and this just might be their best edition yet. Contructed by Avenue Trucks, this glass beauty is the most majestic skateboard we’ve ever seen – but is it suitable for riding? Braille decided to test it out in the video below, which is picking up some serious traction because everyone has fantasised about owning a glass skateboard at one point or another. It goes without saying that this is extremely dangerous and probably a little bit stupid, but all the best stunts in skating involve a tiny bit of risk, right?

Watch the video below to see how it all goes down. What will Braille ride next? Someone in the comments section suggested a grand piano, and we back that idea with all of our hearts. In the meantime, a glass skateboard will have to do:

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