Josh Pall
Photos by Mitch Ross October 9, 2015

After linking up with the stud Juan Onekawa a few weeks back, we’ve connected up with another prominent local skateboarder in Josh Pall for the next installment of ‘Obsessions’.

Sydney snagged another quality rider when Josh moved here five years ago, and since turning pro he has already had a shoe collaboration hit the shelves. A quintessential stand-up bloke, Josh also loves Morrissey (ten points) and makes furniture in his spare time. His skating style is fast, accurate and cutty with strong trick selection. See our interview below, along with some flattering shots of the man himself.


How long has skateboarding been apart of your life?

16 years.

Non-skateboarding obsession?

Building stuff/making things.

What tunes are on your playlist at the moment?

Leonard Cohen, Elliot Smith.


Josh Pall wears Oakley LATCH eyewear, available from our friends at Hype DC. Purchase a pair here or IRL.

Growing up what skater who where you obsessed with in the younger years and how do you look at that person today?

My first video was Toy Machine Jump off a Building, and I really liked Kerry Getz in that video. Today I havent seen much or heard of his name in a long time, not to say he isn’t out there shredding somewhere!

What destination that you have NOT been too would you be obsessed to skate?


Aussie you think could be the next big thing for skateboarding?

Jake Hayes is doing thangs!

Is there an era you are obsessed with and why?

The late 90’s/early 00’s was an awesome time to start skateboarding, stoked to have grown up then. Always good to look further back too and and see how it used to be before i was even born.


What video part do you think is your all time favourite?

Jake Johnny Mind Field rings a bell!

Vice you just can’t quit?


Outside skateboarding what athlete do you admire?

Rodger Federer kills it

Top three thing in your life right now?

1. Skateboarding
2. Vika
3. Friends


Tell me about your worse injury/fall and the recovery?

About 4 months ago i slammed my face into the ground, and had to get some surgery. I have five plates around my left cheek bone that wont ever come out and a couple little scars. As bad as it was, everything afterwards went all smooth, my bones clicked back into place, and the healing was really quick and painless. So far, so good!

Up and coming trips?

Tokyo next week!

Home town obsession?

Snork sessions national park

Who be your top five skaters to go on a trip with and why?

That’s a lot… Just the guys I skate with everyday! Throw in a Nathan Jackson, a Young Vo, bring back a Luke Croker! I don’t know, they’re all awesome people and the vibes are always high!

Excuses not to skate?


How does it feel to turn pro with Passport?

It’s an honor, and I am super stoked to be apart of the awesome things that are happening with the brand.

How would you describe Juan O?

Tall, dark and handsome! A solid bloke!

One sentence to describe Peters?

He’s a work horse, and really good at what he does! And has a lot of friends.. Including me! Love ya.


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