Interview: We Chat With Riniifish About NFTs And Her Amazing ‘M7 Planet’
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Words by Andrew Yee February 17, 2022

Most of our days can be fast, noisy, and exhausting. Daily life’s constant commotions and stresses rarely leave us time to be still and look inwards. But if we were to peer into ourselves, we’d be surprised at what we find.

For Riniifish, she discovered a whole world waiting to blossom into the universe.

Riniifish is an artist and creator who has captivated the crypto art scene with imaginative creations. As a self-professed introvert, she often explores her emotional states and meditations on life through her work. The result is a visual language brimming with alien bodies, psychedelic surrealism, and a playful sense of wonder.

Her expansive catalogue has amassed into the ‘M7 Planet’. The series depicts extraterrestrial beings inhabiting a primitive world. The amorphous denizens are defined by their candy coloured complexions and inability to disguise their emotions. Riniifish’s imagery often shows scenes that hover between the ceremonial and natural. You’ll find yourself looking at something alluringly bizarre yet indescribably familiar.

In the last few years, Riniifish has introduced the ‘M7 Planet’ to a global audience through her NFTs. To date she has a number of her works across multiple platforms and galleries. Art fans the world over have been looking to carve out a small slice of the planet’s exclusive real estate by purchasing one of her one-of-kind pieces.

We talked to Riniifish about her everything ‘M7 Planet’, NFT’s and her hope for the space’s future!


Hi! Firstly, congratulations on the success of the M7 Plant series of NFTs! How does it feel to have them out in the world and receive them with so much positivity?

RINII & FISH, Riniifish

Hi, I’m Riniifsih and I’m a designer most of the time, except sometimes at work. Basically I’m just creating bugs. M7 Planet is my first work in the NFT series. They are made of bugs and fish forms, mostly soft, flexible creatures.
They are the dynamics of the microscopic world, which is ignored by the higher creatures. They are the stories that are happening.

I personally like a high saturation of fluorescent colors, and I like the somewhat eerie, high concentration of colors in the work. For some viewers, some of the elements are anti-logical, in fact most of the elements in the bug universe are a bit absurd, but in their world they still live harmoniously and logically.

The universe of bugs still continue their stories and lives in this community, and I hope it will keep on going, bringing more interesting images and attempts.

You’ve described yourself as an introvert who expresses their feelings and emotions through creating works. When did you discover that your art was your best form of self-expression?

Heart Throb
, Riniifish

Yes, the art I created at the beginning was more about the emotional states of individuals. They were creatures without shells, and such creatures did seem to affect some of the struggling people in the community, or people who wanted to seek attention to their inner state of self.

I began to gradually notice more about them once I got into NFTs (because before then I only posted some random and scattered works on social media). After getting more serious about my message, I focused more on such expressions, hoping to help a small group of people and myself.

What initially inspired the M7 Planet series?

The egg’s adventure in bugland, Riniifish

In the early days of M7 Planet, there was just a girl and fish-looking characters. As a creator I was always looking for a sense of stable security and a lack of confidence and social incompetence that had nowhere to go.The girl and the fish are a combination of the bright self and occasional self-denial, and they always appear together. Then I started to introduce join some bugs and slugs to their world… The planet gradually grew in inhabitants and became a refuge for bugs.

Social media is one of my favorite hobbies.I love sharing my art and I love that more and more people can relate to the story of the M7 Planet and feel empathy for this world.Perhaps from my daily posts, M7 Planet has received more visitors from the inhabitants of this dimensional universe, and even though they didn’t plan to, the girls and fishmen have moved to other peaceful corners of the planet to settle.

The level of world-building in your works feels deeply layered and thoroughly thought out. How important is it to imbue the residents of M7 Planet with a sense of lived narrative?

Grave, Riniifish

I think once you let yourself get deep into it, the story naturally evolves. In my creative process, it’s never about building a complete story quickly. I capture stories and emotions in a very fragmented sense, basically by showing them one by one as individuals, and eventually they come together to form a more complete scenario. Occasionally I find a bug with a strong energy emanating from the corner, but if you don’t look closely, they just look like an inconspicuous guy in the corner. That’s what I find surprising about the final work.

How did you initially get involved with the NFT space?

Bugs personality test, Riniifish

Probably like everyone else, I was on the internet , searching for the freshest and most interesting news, and trying things that intrigue people.Trying NFTs, entering this community, and connecting with strangers, artists, and collectors is the thing I think I will regret the least in 2021. The fact that the socially fearful me can still communicate about art on the internet is so valuable. It has also, as a result, brought me to the attention of some galleries.Being able to show in different countries and cities is something that is incredibly valuable for small artists in the current covid context of the world.

Another particularly interesting way for the NFT community to communicate is through Memes. Although I don’t create them, I really enjoy Memes and I love to admire other artists creating Meme art. The NFT community is really so diverse and I love its huge inclusiveness.

As a homebody, what has it been like interacting with the online NFT artist community? Does it feel different from reacting to creatives with your local proximity?

Bug’s Funeral, Riniifish

I can’t speak for most homebody’s, but I’m one of those creators who don’t really like to meet people face to face, so I’ve always had to stay on social networks. Traditional artists may have relatively more resources to connect with curators and galleries that I didn’t have before I started NFT. So maybe the difference is that the different groups are closed, just like I didn’t start out as a traditional artist, so I couldn’t enter the art scene directly. I couldn’t show more art to the outside world and collectors couldn’t buy my arts directly.

In the future, what would you like to see change or innovate with the NFT space?

From the creator’s perspective I hope there is an increasing diversity. The definition of art was labeled long before NFTs received attention.After NFTs received attention, digital creators, anti-socials, loners, art lovers… and creators from different cultures have produced many works that belong to the culture of the community.

Regarding the cultural impact of the community brought by NFTs, if it brings wave after wave of cultural thinking like memes, they are finally in the public eye and people start talking about it, they will have successfully innovated part of it.

Also, regarding the new series I am currently working on, M7 Planet, it will not stop. BUT, there is another new series being birthed. Sneakily the name of the series is Sense Slugs, they will not only feature new characters, but the senses will delve deeper into soft, delicate, negative emotions, and heal the soul with softer visuals.

It’s going to be fun, so stay tuned!


Thanks to Riniifish for taking the time to chat with us! You can check our per pieces and NFTs here. You can follow her on twitter @riniifish and on instagram @riniifishw


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