Watch: Beeple Creates An ‘Everydays’ Artwork Of Jimmy Fallon On ‘The Tonight Show’
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Words by Amar Gera May 5, 2022

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The digital artist celebrates 15 years of his ‘Everydays’ artworks…

NFT lord Beeple is continuing to showcase the limitless nature of non-fungible tokens in the mainstream, following up his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience with one on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It’s safe to say his recent stop at the New York mainstay went beyond your usual celeb interview however, with the artist opting to create an ‘Everydays’ artwork throughout the show’s taping.

For those unfamiliar as to the story behind ‘Everydays’, the series is a collection of digital drawings Beeple has made once a day, every day, since May 2007. It might seem like a pretty niche hobby, but the first 5,000 of those drawings were collated into his explosive ‘Everyday: The First 5,000 Days NFT’ which clocked $69.3 million USD ($95 million AUD) at an auction last year, and subsequently catapulted him into NFT superstardom.

So, it’s a pretty big deal to be a part of one of the ‘Everydays’ collection, and Fallon was the latest to be added to its ranks. Arriving at the studio with a 3D rendering of the talk show host’s head, Beeple created the latest instalment throughout the duration of the show, numerous cuts to him backstage showing his process and the artwork as a whole as it came together. The result is typical of Beeple’s signature quirky style, the artwork depicting the talk show host’s head in front of a full moon, surrounded by cherry blossom trees and several people asleep. It’s another step forward for the NFT lord and that of the artworks in the mainstream. Check it below.

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