Hello Japan
Shooting abroad with Sony Australia.
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Japan: Home of Hello Kitty, Harajuku girls, sashimi plates, Mr. Sparkle, one of the world’s best sneaker scenes and one of the world’s most miraculous rugby teams. It’s a weird and wonderful place that runs in stark contrast to the Western world – and with its bright lights and efficient public transport, we’re stoked to have the chance to visit on behalf of Sony.

Fresh off their hot collaboration with our good friend Chris Yee, we got to shoot these images and video for Sony’s ‘Hello Japan’ campaign, which encourages young Australians to visit Japan – the birthplace of the brand.

Since its inception back in 1946, Sony has become one of the country’s largest exports and has been behind countless ‘Japan firsts’ in the technological world. Therefore, it’s only right that we look back to where it all started – with Sony’s interchangable lens cameras and wireless noise cancelling headphones making our trip as comfortable and well documented as possible. Their bluetooth speakers also came in handy when lounging poolside or listening to ASAP Ferg at an obnoxious volume in the hotel, so check out their products and let your inner tech geek flourish.

Have a look at the concrete jungle below, immerse yourself in the culture and then head to your travel agent:


SONY6108_ClientExport_v01 SONY6198_ClientExport_v01 SONY6206_ClientExport_v02 SONY0217_ClientExport_v02 SONY3308_ClientExport_v03 SONY3965_ClientExport_v01 SONY3684_ClientExport_v02 SONY5793_ClientExport_v01 SONY0169_ClientExport_v02 SONY0527_ClientExport_v01 SONY0568_ClientExport_v01 SONY3098_ClientExport_v01 SONY2128_ClientExport_v01 SONY4188_CleanUp_v01 SONY4447_ClientExport_v01 SONY4259_ClientExport_v01 SONY4552_ClientExport_v01 SONY1608_ClientExport_v01 SONY1973_ClientExport_v03 SONY1990_ClientExport_v01 SONY4659_ClientExport_v03 SONY5226_ClientExport_v01 SONY5511_ClientExport_v02

Produced by Idle Rich.

Photos by Mitch Tomlinson October 8, 2015
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