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Nothing like a bit of healthy competition.

When Eromon, Taj, and Will play basketball on the concrete courts of Sydney’s suburbs, it’s about more than scoring points. For these three pals, who forged a friendship after years of playing high school basketball together, catching up for a game instantly rekindles that team spirit that has helped them forge their adult identities.

To celebrate Champion’s 100th year and its 100 Years for the Team campaign, we caught up with the guys at their local court and it’s clear that they haven’t lost any of the competitive edge. The team energy pushes the boys towards big dunks and ankle-breaking skills, but it’s all smiles once the whistle blows – until next time that is. Check out the lads jamming it up in the Champion Century Collection of hoodies, tees, and joggers:

What does ‘team’ mean to you? Share your team’s story using #CHAMPION100 and head here to shop the Champion Century Collection now.

Photographer: Mitchell Tomlinson & Jack Bennett
Videographer: Jay Grant
Stylist: Isabelle Mamas
Make Up: Hayley Mcriver
Talent: Eromon, Taj Kagho & Will Wiggins

April 17, 2019
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