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Isabelle Cornish comes Straight Outta Newcastle – the same city that birthed Joey Johns, Silverchair and Life Without Andy! It’s only natural that we’d have a soft spot for the actress, but it’s amazing to see her talents taking her global.

Since her humble beginnings back in Newy, she’s starred in the likes of Puberty Blues and Home & Away, and is now chasing her dreams in Los Angeles. Furthermore, she was voted by PETA Australia as ‘Australia’s Sexiest Vegeterian’ back in 2013, proving that you do make friends with salad. We took some time out to shoot and chat with the rising star about her career, life in LA and how to keep healthy.

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How long has acting and modeling been apart of your life?

When I was about four, my mum had me model on the catwalk. I loved it. Besides the fact that I didn’t really know what I was doing, it was fun. I had a break during school and got back into it towards the end of high school. The past few years have been crazy. Acting is my passion but I also enjoy modelling.

Non-acting obsession?

I love to cook! If I’m not working or training, chances are I’m in the kitchen. I am a vegetarian, so plant based recipes are my specialty.

What tunes are on your playlist at the moment?

Nothing in particular. I have a Spotify account so I just choose a playlist depending on how I feel. Its good to mix it up.


Best places to eat in LA?

There are so many options here in LA, its seems like every week another healthy restaurant pops up. i love M-Café, Cafe Gratitude, Real Food Daily, Veggie House and fresh smoothies from Urth Bar.

Your favourite food?

Id have to say Zucchini pasta. Quick and easy.

Growing up what actor/actress who where you obsessed with?

Dakota Fanning was a big favourite of mine growing up.


Yoga or pilates?

Yoga for sure. I’m actually a qualified yoga teacher. I completed my 300 hour yoga certificate in Costa Rica last year. One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.
 Yoga is great for the mind and I find it goes hand in hand with my job. Most of the time I have a lot on, so yoga and meditation helps me stay focused.

Gym or jog?

I have a love for both! If I had to choose I would go with jog. Nothing beats running outdoors. There is always new things to look at. Its hard running around LA because there are so many roads and loads of traffic but when I’m on the coast by the ocean, there is nothing better.


What destination that you have not been too, would you love to visit?

India is next on the bucket list. From what I have heard and seen heard it sounds amazing. I love experiencing new cultures and going on adventures. Next stop for sure.

Who inspires you?

I am inspiried by people who do what they love and keep a free mind. People who don’t sweat the little things. Whether it is art, fashion, music whatever. It’s a crazy world we live in and to walk around with a true smile and enjoy what you do is what motivates and inspires me.

Outside of acting, who do you admire?

It’s not hard to tell by now that I’m a health and fitness lover. Call it an obsession or passion I admire those who look after the well-being of others and them self. 
Siamma Miller is a huge inspiration for me. She has helped me learn a lot of things about myself and my body that have changed the way I live, in a good way. It’s amazing how we can fine tune our body to work perfectly. Thanks Siamma.


Top three things in your life right now?

1. Vegan Donuts
2. Netflix
3. Lavender Oil

Tell me what you are watching on Netflix at the moment?

Orange Is The New Black & TED Talks.


Hometown obsession?

Running the strip from Merewether to Newcastle Beach is so beautiful. Besides the fact it has taken them 10 years, it truly is amazing.

Who are your top five actors/actresses to star alongside?

Johnny Depp, 
Merryl Streep
, Jennifer Lawrence, 
Matt Damon
, Chloe Grace-Mortez



How does the LA acting scene differ from the Australian acting scene?

There is so much going on here in LA. I spend allot of my time in my car driving to castings its pretty amazing to be able to audition for studios such as Fox, CBS and Disney. I feel that there is so much diversity in the film and television in the US and I enjoy going to castings for roles that you wouldn’t find in Australia.

Who is your partner in crime when learning scripts?

My boyfriend Mitch always gets this job. I cant say that he enjoys it… but he is a good help. It’s so handy to have someone around to read lines with.

Photos by Mitch Tomlinson November 20, 2015
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