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Yan Yan Chan is living proof that Internet dreams can come true, and when they do, they are wonderful. Back in 2009 – when you were probably still been debating who was in your MySpace Top 8 friends – Yan Yan started a blog that would eventually lead her to become one of Australia’s top online personalities.

In 2015, her ability to morph with the online environment has served her well. Her online clout, coupled with a remarkable ability to piece together a strong outfit has led her to become a content curator for major international fashion brands. She also boasts plenty of loyal followers on Instagram, while her blog continues to keep thousands of eyeballs glued to the screen every week.

For our Obsessions series with Oakley, we talk to Yan Yan about Australia’s best fashion labels, her inspirations and what she got up to in the Big Apple. Yan yan wears Oakley’s Latch sunglasses, available to purchase now online or at Hype DC stores across the country.

How has fashion, photography and blogging been apart of your life?

I’ve always had a knack for documenting things. My dad used to produce a band in Hong Kong back in the 90’s and he documented everything on a Canon film camera and he has stacks and stacks of photo albums. He passed it down to me when I was in high school. I studied film photography and used to take photos of my friends after school, on the weekend and all of our road trips, so when I started uploading photos on a website called Blogger back in 2009, it just kind of came together to what it is today.

Non-fashion obsession?

I used to dance part time, so that was a long time obsession of mine! I have a ton of hobbies aside from fashion. Pottery (only just started), making collages, going on road trips, traveling, getting into film editing which I’m really loving, and basically everything else that isn’t fashion haha.


What tunes are on your playlist at the moment?

I’m obsessed with Tame Impala, so they’re always on my playlist. I go through phases, at the moment I’m listening to a lot of classics. Get Down On it – Kool & The Gang, some Jackson Five, Never too Much – Luther Vandross, and a bit of Cherry Glazerr – they’re this punk band from LA. Kind of all over the joint.

Best places to eat in Sydney?

For sushi, Tengoku in Kensington – best and most authentic sushi in Sydney! For Italian, Atavola in Darlinghurst. And for brunch, Lox Stock and Barrel in Bondi.

Your favourite food?

Japanese and Italian. Can’t choose.


Yoga or pilates?

Pilates reformer, do it everyday.

Gym or jog?

Love a good jog.

What destination that you have NOT been too would you love to visit?

I’m minoring in French, been learning the language for about 6 months now, so France!

Up and coming fashion brands to keep an eye out for?

All time favourite, Sir the Label.

Some favourite Australian designers you admire?

I’ve always loved Zimmerman and Jac+Jack!

Is there an era you are obsessed with? 60’s, 70’s 80’s and why?

So hard to pick between the 60s and 70s. A few of my favourite style icons include Jean Shrimpton, Francois Hardy but then I also love the Punk era in the 70’s. The Runaways, Patti Smith – Super cool.

Who inspires you?

I don’t think anyone specific inspires me, just because I feel like everyone I know/meet has at least one certain quality about themselves that I absolutely admire and are inspired by. But I recently did a workshop with Kit and Ace, and we got to meet Elise Balzac (founder of Maison Balzac) and hearing about her story and how she got to where she is now was really inspirational. So much passion and love – just the fact that you can take your life in any direction you desire – the manifestations of goals and dreams. It’s a pretty simple motto, but a lot of people get restrained by their fears, thoughts and what other people think, including myself! So that really resonated with me.


Vice you just can’t quit?

Having too much fun right before an exam or assignment deadline. HAPPENS EVERY TIME. Sounds tame, but I never learn.

Top three things in your life right now:

Apart from my family and friends that are always on top…
1. Summer
2. Practising French
3. Peonies (they’re my favourite flower and their finally in bloom)

Tell me what you are watching on Netflix at the moment?

Hahaha good old Netflix and chill… Nah, recently watched Requiem for a Dream… Super heavy. But I love American Horror Story.

Home town obsession?

The ocean. Nothing better than leaving Sydney and coming back to the sea!


Growing up, who where you obsessed with in the younger years and how do you look at that person today?

I was obsessed with Alexa Chung! Still love her now, but I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with her… I love watching her interviews, and obviously her style, but she’s not someone I would aspire to be.

Who be your top five actors/actresses to star alongside in a movie and why?

I don’t think I could ever star along side in a movie… but maybe in a theatre? Haha… I’ve never thought about that but my favourite actors are Joseph Gordon Levitt, Chloe Moretz and Heath Ledger.


You spend some time in NYC last year… What did you love? What did you hate?

I loved everything about the city… All the good and the bad, totally fell in love. The energy (obviously), love the history behind every little road or corner, the art culture, the fact that everyone is from everywhere, the manic subway system, how easy it is to meet people, how Central park is literally right in the middle of the hustling city but once you’re in there you’re completely removed from the noise, the amount of different people you meet, and how super strange their garbage system is… They leave piles of ‘trash’ all over the road?

I don’t know, I can make a huge list… I’m pretty obsessed with New York, I’m always talking about it. I think the thing that really attracts me to New York is the fact that it’s pretty much the opposite of Sydney. The lifestyle is just completely different. Everyone works incredibly hard but then parties just as hard, there’s no middle ground. I don’t hate that because it’s part of what New York is, but that’s probably my least favourite thing about the city – It’s hard to get downtime in the city that never sleeps.

Photos by Mitch Ross November 12, 2015
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