Nicole Mejia
City of Angels.
Frames 2m

If COVID travel restrictions hadn’t already notched your wanderlust up to fever pitch, then Nicole Mejia’s LA Frames will have you on the next one-way flight to California.

The City of Angels seems to be a treasure trove of picturesque-ness, and Nicole Mejia trawls every inch of her hometown with a 33mm in tow. Born and raised in Glendale, the 25-year-old has since relocated to Echo Park, a lakeside neighbourhood where the sunny scenery comes to life with her Canon AE-1.  

“I love shooting around sunset right before the sun goes down, the sky and its colours never cease to surprise me,” Nicole says. 

Nicole’s affinity with LA’s technicoloured skyline is well-placed. Almost every shot is tinged with the pinkish-yellowish hue of dusk, and the sunset is a perfect backdrop for her style of city-meets-the-sea. Her portfolio effortlessly combines the hustle and bustle of city life with the natural landscapes that surround it. Architectural shots or LA’s infamous traffic jams are never outshone by the glow of the sunlight, just as coastal scenes aren’t complete without a few onlooking urbanites. 

“I try to shoot a good mix of city, beach and nature locations. While I love living in the city, I think it’s also important to go out into nature and enjoy the little things there,” Nicole says.

It’s these little things that are spotlighted in Nicole’s work. Like feeding seagulls on the pier at twilight, taking a bike ride to Santa Monica, or hopping on the ferris wheel at Pacific Park. All of this adds up to a cruisey local’s guide of La La Land. But all of the effortlessness on display isn’t without its fair share of work behind the scenes, and Nicole gives due credit to her peers and fellow photographers.   

“My inspirations are people like my family who have supported me and given me advice throughout everything. I also get so much inspiration from all of the photographers I’ve followed in this community. Everyone is so talented and I love seeing how we evolve together,” Nicole says. 

Catch the travel bug in Nicole’s Frames below, and follow her on Instagram here

Words by Tom Disalvo July 22, 2021
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