Amber Mozo
Waves and babes.
March 26, 2020

You remember the outside world right?

With the world in lockdown right now, beautiful pictures of nature are about as close as some of us are getting to experience the outdoors. Thankfully today we have a real doozy of a Frames, featuring the work of Hawaiian photographer Amber Mozo, that will fill your screen and your mind with memories of the natural world.

A North Shore native, Amber’s passion for photography began at a young age. “I started taking photos when I was young, around age 9 when my Dad died,” she says. “All his camera gear became his kids. There’s no way my mum would have ever sold any of it. It meant too much. We had a few cameras to play with.”

Fast forward sixteen years and the twenty-five-year-old has seemingly mastered the craft, capturing the colour, energy and spirit of everything that falls within the sight of her lens. Her single favourite thing to shoot, however, remains the same. “The ocean at home. Hands down. Forever,” she says.

Check out some of Amber’s finest pics below and head here to follow her on Instagram:

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