Evie Johnstone
So good, it’s painful.
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Get me to wherever Evie Johnstone goes.

Right now with the world in lockdown, it’s bittersweet to be looking at the work of British photographer Evie Johnstone. Capturing the warmth of light, the spirit of people, and a tangible feeling of adventure seems to be second nature to her, which makes for incredible snaps, but only reminds us how much we miss the beauty of the natural world right now.

It shouldn’t surprise us then, that shooting has been a big part of her life from the early days. “Throughout school you could either find me in the art department or the darkroom. I was in love with it from a very young age,” says the 31-year-old. “We only shot on film, and I was using my grandad’s old cameras which he had from the war. I was given my first SLR when I was about 20, living in Costa Rica, one of the more basic Nikon bodies and a 35mm prime lens.”

The multi-talented photographer is also a bonafide shredder on the surfboard having spent much of her adult life in Costa Rica, honing her craft(s). Naturally, that makes her a perfect fit for brands like Billabong and Rip Curl who, among others, she’s shot campaigns and features for throughout her career.

Passionate and hardworking, Evie is capable of shining light on people’s inner strengths through her photography – a skill that very few have. “Anyone of my female tribe, I love shooting women and celebrating their beauty,” she says. “Surfing has always played a huge part in my life from a young age, so I’m constantly immersed in surf culture as you can probably tell. And I guess anything that takes me on an adventure and out of my comfort zone.”

Head here to follow Evie on Instagram and check out some of her ridiculously stunning pics below:


 Self Portrait.

Shot for Ottoway.

Travel Buddy.

Skylar & I.

Poolside, Costa Rica

Nina For Billabong

My Girl Gang, Santa Teresa.

Nina for Billabong, Cost Rica.

Sayulita, Mexico.

Mexican Views.

Didn’t feel like we were on earth.

Home, Fistral Beach, Cornwall.

Creating campaigns with friends.



Watergate Bay.

Last light, Indonesia.


Tropical Storms.





Dancing Girls.

Happiness, Indonesia.


Racing Through Java.

My cold water swimming girls.

Coxos, the land of rights.

On The Road, Portugal.


Early Morning light in Southern Portugal.

Best Friends on the road, Vanlife, Baleal.

Postcards from Barcelona.

Morning views, vanlife, The Dolomites, Italy.

Camping at 3,343m , Dolomites.

Under the night sky, Switzerland.

Camp nights at the Matterhorn.

A little town called Annecy.

Words by Harry Webber April 23, 2020
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