Georgia Haynes
Words by Tom Disalvo May 18, 2022

Our latest Frames photographer counts Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky among her starry clientele. 

Georgia Haynes’ interest in photography began in the corners of her high school’s darkroom. Borrowing her dad’s now 45-year-old Nikon Nikkormat, Georgia learned the technical aspects of camera work during her year 11 photography class. Although the simplicity of these career origins would soon be outshone by the extravagance of her current work, Georgia still thinks fondly of those early days in her humble classroom.

“In the class we learnt how to use the camera, take photos, develop B/W film and make prints, which was not as easy as it sounds. This is where I fell in love with photography, trying to create interesting compositions using different angles of view and natural light, capturing some crazy images,” Georgia recalls.

Now, some years later, Georgia has evidently graduated from darkroom status. Swapping out her highschool classroom for the glossy sets of big brands (and even bigger celebrities), the Melbourne-based photographer now counts the likes of A$AP Rocky and Jorja Smith among her subjects. With such a high-profile portfolio, it’d be easy for Georgia to be star struck, but her work remains grounded in authenticity. 

It’s why she describes her shots as “raw and real” and why she strives to “put a lot of emotion into an image. “[I like to] capture the personality and realness, and create something visually intriguing with the talent. I love to photograph people and understand their own vision,” Georgia says. 

This style of authenticity translates to her branded work. Over the years, Georgia has rubbed shoulders with Adidas, Puma, I-D and most recently Chivas Regal, but Georgia’s genuine enjoyment of her craft transcends even the biggest budget. “I’ve found that people gravitate towards you being yourself when you love what you do. Luckily I have found that,” she says.  

Catch Georgia’s full Frames portfolio below, and head here to follow her on Instagram. 

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