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Kerby Brown captures the raw force of the ocean like few others.

Picking up a camera at the age of 24, West Australian Kerby Brown has wasted no time in building an impressive portfolio. The now 36-year-old has dedicated much of the past decade to documenting of the roaring power of the ocean and has amassed a loyal Instagram following along the way.

“Initially I was messing around with some old film cameras before buying my first digital camera to put in a water housing. It was the Nikon D7000,” Kerby says. “My motivation to get into it at that stage was purely to shoot POV inside the barrel, however it didn’t take me long to realise I enjoyed all aspects of photography so it kind of just progressed from there.”

The solitude that his passion has afforded him is something he treasures. He sites escaping the hustle and bustle of modern life as one of the main benefits of shooting. “There’s something about being alone in the ocean. Watching (shooting) these heavy pieces of water, detonating over a shallow rock ledge with not another person in sight. To me this is one of the greatest shows on earth,” he says.

His skill isn’t limited to the big blue either. As you can see from the snaps below, he is also capable of pinpointing that moment of peak expression at live shows, having shot artist like Paul Kelly, Metallica and more. “It’s a total contrast from the ocean but similar in the way that the energy of the crowd at these gigs is super intense and uplifting. I’ve met some great people and seen some wild shit shooting some of the shows.”

Check out a selection of snaps from Kerby’s portfolio below and head here to follow him on Instagram:

September 27, 2019
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